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Improving Input and Access to Washington State Immunization Information System (WSIIS)

The WSMA advocate that: 1) all hospitals and pharmacies be required to upload their immunization records, including health care worker immunization data, to the WSIIS; and 2) the Department of Health, in conjunction with individual hospitals or health care systems, create the appropriate computer links to facilitate the transfer of these databases and immunization records. (Res C-16, A-19)

The WSMA support a state budget appropriation for the Washington State Immunization Information System (WSIIS) under the Department of Health to enhance reporting of all vaccine data into the WSIIS, allowing the state to leverage federal matching funds to the maximum allowed from the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services. (Res C-16, A-19)

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Abbreviations for House of Delegates report origination:

EC – Executive Committee; BT – Board of Trustees; CPA – Council on Professional Affairs; JC – Judicial Council; CHS – Community and Health Services

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