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physicians at the WSMA Leadership Development Conference at Lake Chelan
Connect online with WSMA members across the state.

WSMA Communities

The WSMA offers private, convenient online communities so members can connect with their peers on topics that interest them. Accessible using email, website, or mobile app, WSMA Communities allow members to connect to a community, post and share resources, connect one-on-one via private chat, see member profiles, and receive updates tailored to your specifications.

By using the WSMA Communities, you agree to comply and be bound by the terms of use and related policies. Comments that include profanity, personal attacks, or inappropriate, offensive, or illegal material will be removed.

Available Communities

If you are interested in joining a group below, just click the link and fill out the request form. Once your request has been processed, you will receive information on how to participate.

WSMA Virtual Reference Committees and Policy

The WSMA's virtual reference committees give members an opportunity to review and provide feedback on official proposed WSMA policy in anticipation of the Annual Meeting of the WSMA House of Delegates each fall. Outside of the WSMA Annual Meeting, this community allows members to connect with their colleagues, including the WSMA House of Delegates, at any time to discuss current and future WSMA policy. Join the discussion and get involved with policy that provides the foundation for our support and advocacy for our members.

WSMA rounded avatar

Moderated by WSMA staff.

WSMA Medical Officers Collaborative

A community of Washington state chief medical officers of hospitals, health systems, clinics, community groups, and insurers sharing best practices and seeking advice amongst their peers on a variety of topics.

Monica Salgaonkar, WSMA program manager

Moderated by Monica Salgaonkar, Associate Director of Quality & Leadership Programs.

WSMA Center for Leadership Development Alumni

A community of graduates of the WSMA Physician Leadership Course, the Team-Based Leadership Course, or the Leadership Masterclass, who wish to continue developing leadership skills, network with peers, and provide informal mentorship with other leaders in medicine. Moderated by Monica Salgaonkar, Associate Director of Quality & Leadership Programs, and Ed Walker, MD, senior physician advisor for the WSMA Center for Leadership Development.

Ed Walker, MD

Ed Walker, MD, MHA

Monica Salgaonkar

Monica Salgaonkar

WSMA Early Career

Connect with medical students, residents, and young physicians just beginning their journey into professional medicine.

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Moderated by WSMA staff.

WSMA Latinx

Connect with the Latinx medical professional community.

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Moderated by WSMA staff.

Proposed Communities

The more interest we have in the following proposed communities the sooner they will launch. If you would like to become part of any of the communities below, fill out this form or select "Join when launched" next to any of the community groups below.

WSMA Advocacy

Connect with members to discuss regulatory policy and legislative issues that affect the house of medicine.

Join when launched

DEI in Medicine

Connect with medical professionals to learn about diversity, equity, and inclusion in medicine, how DEI affects medicine, how DEI impacts your experience, and what is being done to improve DEI in medicine.

Join when launched

Physician Health and Well-being

Connect with peers in medicine to share your experiences with burnout and learn what others are doing to manage stress and stay healthy.

Join when launched

Have another group to suggest? Click here and select Other to make a suggestion.

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