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Strategic Plan
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An outline of key priorities, areas of focus, strategic goals, and benchmarks.

Strategic Plan

The WSMA is guided by a strategic plan, which outlines key priorities for the association, areas of focus for its work, strategic goals, and associated benchmarks. The WSMA’s strategic plan reflects the association’s commitment to its members, which is to make a difference, whether that’s by improving the practice environment, their professional status, or the care they provide to patients and communities.

2023-2025 Strategic Plan

On behalf of our members and patients, the WSMA is committed to several key initiatives for the coming years:

  • First, we must recover from the challenges and remember the lessons of the COVID era so that our practice environment ensures physician wellness—an environment that not only helps Washington physicians to be their healthiest, but also to be the most inclusive, diverse, and equitable that we can be. High-quality care, and dedication to that care, can't exist without it.
  • Second, we must focus on the biggest funding challenge we all face: Medicaid payment rates that do not come close to covering the cost of care and do not support access to care for the most vulnerable.
  • Third, we must tackle the crushing administrative burden of prior authorization. Considering that the vast majority of requests are eventually authorized, delays create serious harm to patients.
  • Finally, we must rebuild our community and our physician social network that were fractured amid pandemic restrictions. We, the members of the WSMA, are the strongest voice for physicians in Washington state. We need to create communities and tools to foster a robust healing conversation internally and take that voice externally in support of our teams, practices, patients, and communities.

WSMA 2024 Strategic Plan (updated March 2024)

WSMA 2023 Strategic Plan (final update November 2023)

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