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Support the WSMA

Support the WSMA

Your donations make a difference in the success of our clinical quality improvement initiatives and our nonpartisan political advocacy on behalf of you and your patients. Take a moment to learn more and give your support.

The Scholarship and Diversity Advancement Fund

Physician and patient racial concordance contributes to a more effective therapeutic relationship and improved health care. When the physician is the same race as the patient, patients report higher levels of trust and satisfaction and demonstrate greater treatment compliance. At the same time, medical students trained at diverse schools are more comfortable treating patients from a wide range of racial and ethnic backgrounds.

The WSMA Foundation Scholarship and Diversity Advancement Fund is an endowment fund created to build a more diverse physician population in Washington state by supporting medical students who are underrepresented in medicine. Our goal with the Scholarship and Diversity Advancement Fund is to offer scholarships beginning in 2026. We are striving to raise $1.5 million in order to award the first scholarship as we continue to grow the fund.

The success of this effort depends upon your generosity. Learn more and donate today!

WSMA Foundation: Improving Physician Wellness and Patient Care

At the WSMA Foundation, we believe in a future where physicians are healthy and fulfilled; where physicians, the health care team, and patients are partners; and where all Washingtonians experience equitable, quality care that aligns with their needs, goals, and values.

WSMA Foundation logo

Fulfilling that quest depends upon transformational change at all levels—individual, organizational, and statewide. We believe that change is possible, and that physicians and patients can thrive in health care settings that support them.

As a health care improvement foundation, we value:

  • Well-being: We promote the well-being of physicians so that we can fulfill our high calling of caring for our patients.
  • Health equity: We commit to health equity and eliminating disparities to improve health care in Washington.
  • Patient partnership: We uphold and respect the patient/physician partnership, creating equitable health care settings where conversations are mutual and care decisions are shared.
  • Compassion: We serve our patients, communities, and each other with compassion in the pursuit of wellness and equity for all Washingtonians.
  • Collaboration: We work with a diversity of stakeholders to generate high-impact equitable results that improve care in Washington state.
  • Legacy: We build upon the vision of forward-thinking physician leaders to ensure an equitable, thriving medical profession, and a healthy population.

Our goals:

  • Strengthen physician wellness and restore the joy of practice.
  • Advance health equity in all communities.
  • Honor people’s goals, values, and preferences.

The Foundation exists today because of the vision of forward-thinking doctors who cared about— and invested in—the future of the profession more than 50 years ago.

With your participation and support, the WSMA Foundation ensures that legacy will continue to benefit physicians today... and tomorrow.

WAMPAC: Working to Support and Elect Pro-medicine Candidates Washington State

Not interested in politics? You’re not the only one.

But the fact is that elected officials are interested in you and the way you practice medicine.


WAMPAC (Washington Medical Political Action Committee) is WSMA’s nonpartisan political action committee. As the WSMA’s campaign arm, WAMPAC works to support and elect pro-medicine candidates across Washington state.

WAMPAC is successful—in the 2016 election cycle, more than 97 percent of the candidates supported by WAMPAC won their campaign for office. Each of those successful races represents a relationship WAMPAC built with a lawmaker who sets policies that directly impact your profession and practice.

And while WAMPAC has grown, we continue to trail the campaign spending of dentists, nurses and trial attorneys. For WAMPAC to remain relevant, we need your support.

Help us make WAMPAC the most effective and influential PAC in the state of Washington. Your contribution will allow WAMPAC to build a strong base for steady contributions to candidates who support WSMA’s agenda, ensuring you have a voice in the political process.

Join or renew your membership today!