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Health Equity
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Caring for others means providing equitable care for all.

Health Equity

Physicians and physician assistants play a key role in building a future where culturally sensitive care and a physician population that reflects the patients it serves is our reality.

Edwin Lindo, JD

Health Equity M&M Webinar Series

Providing a framework for recognizing and examining our own biases.

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Leadership Development and Action Collective

Guidance for those positioned to facilitate change in their organizations.

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Inclusive Language and Health Equity Resources

Resources for medical professionals to learn about building trust with their patients.

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Scholarship and Diversity Advancement Fund

An endowment to build a more diverse physician population.

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On-Demand Webinars

Catch up on our health equity webinars to date.

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Caring for Your LGBT Patients

Providing comprehensive and culturally competent care for the LGBT community.

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Caring for Your AAPI Patients

Caring for, and advocating for, Asian American and Pacific Islander peoples.

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Holding Your Own Health Equity M&M

Foster conversations among your peers within your practice or organization.

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DEI Committee

Incorporating a diversity, inclusion, and equity lens to everything we do.

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