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Standing Committees
committe members at table during conference
The five committees defined in the WSMA bylaws that carry out various association activities.

Standing Committees

All standing committee members and chairs shall, except for the American Medical Association delegation and as otherwise provided in the WSMA bylaws, be appointed by the WSMA president with the approval of the WSMA board of trustees. Each of the standing committees shall, at the annual meeting of the association, report in writing to the House of Delegates concerning its activities during the past year.

WSMA Executive Committee

The executive committee carries out the mandates and policies of the WSMA as determined by the board of trustees and the House of Delegates. The executive committee supervises and directs the CEO and has the power to exercise all powers of the board in the management of WSMA’s affairs and business, except when the board is in session.

Officers of the executive committee include the president, president-elect, immediate past president (who serves as its chair), vice president, and secretary-treasurer.

Staff: Jennifer Hanscom

WSMA Finance Committee

The finance committee supervises the funds, investments, and expenditures of the association, together with the board. The finance committee is composed of five members, three of whom are elected by the House of Delegates to serve a three-year term, plus the secretary-treasurer from the executive committee. The finance committee annually designates one of its three elected members to serve as chair, and the chair also serves as a voting member of the board of trustees.

Staff: Amy Fredericks

WSMA Nominating Committee

The nominating committee reviews applications to serve on the board of trustees and nominates at least one candidate for each open position on the board to be elected by the House of Delegates during the WSMA Annual Meeting each fall. The nominating committee is composed of one member from each of the state's congressional districts and is chaired by the immediate past president of the WSMA (who does not represent a congressional district). The president-elect serves as an advisory member. Nominating committee members are appointed by the president and serve three-year terms.

Staff: Shannon Bozarth

WSMA Bylaws Committee

The bylaws committee reviews and makes recommendations to the House of Delegates on proposed amendments and other issues pertaining to WSMA bylaws. The bylaws committee is composed of six members, all of whom are appointed by the president with the approval of the board of trustees. Committee members serve three-year terms.

Staff: Shannon Bozarth

AMA Delegation

The WSMA’s delegation to the American Medical Association represents the interests and needs of Washington state physicians and their patients in the creation of policies and programs at the AMA. The AMA delegation comprises delegates and alternate delegates based on AMA membership. Currently, the WSMA is allocated four of each. AMA delegates and alternate delegates are elected by the House of Delegates for two-year terms.

Staff: Shannon Bozarth

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