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Renew your annual WSMA dues automatically.

Automatic Payment Program

Paying your annual member dues is now even easier. When you enroll in the automatic payment program, your WSMA membership will auto-renew in subsequent membership years. Auto-draft dues are processed in January each year. Two automatic dues payment options are available: annual or monthly installments. You can cancel the auto-renew program at any time by writing the WSMA at

Annual Auto-draft

Take one thing off your yearly to-do list. Sign up for annual auto-renewal and your annual membership dues payment, as well as any required or selected county dues, will automatically renew in subsequent membership years.

Monthly Installment Plan

Spread your annual WSMA member dues payment over 12 months for the remaining membership calendar year. Your first installment payment will include a $25 directed allocation and your required or selected county dues. Your remaining dues installments will be processed at the beginning of each month until paid in full.

Join or renew online and sign up for automatic payments at checkout to take advantage of this program.

WSMA dues are paid on an annual basis. Dues are nonrefundable and apply to a single year of membership. Membership extends from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31.

Join or renew your membership today!