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Environmental Health

Environmental Protection

The WSMA supports and promotes, when possible, the use of reusable, recyclable and/or biodegradable products. (Res A-1, A-04) (Reaffirmed A-17)

The WSMA encourages collaborative efforts with the medical associations in British Columbia, Alaska, Oregon, and California to the extent practical to address the clear and present danger facing our fragile environment. (Reaffirmed A-17)

The WSMA is committed working with the state's congressional delegation to support legislation encouraging appropriate behavior by individuals and companies to reduce the risks inherent in our industrialized society. (Res 47, A-89) (Reaffirmed A-17)

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Abbreviations for House of Delegates report origination:

EC – Executive Committee; BT – Board of Trustees; CPA – Council on Professional Affairs; JC – Judicial Council; CHS – Community and Health Services

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