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Emergency Medical Services

Poison Control

The WSMA supports the continuation and enhancement of the Washington Poison Center. (Res 19, C 84; Res A-8, A-99; Res A-11, A-00; Res A-8, A-01) (Reaffirmed A-17)

The WSMA encourages individual manufacturers of potentially toxic formulations of household and other commercial products, to consider adding non-toxic aversive products to either existent or newly introduced formulations when such formulations have been deemed as having significant toxic potentials. The WSMA supports these actions publicized as intended to augment, but in no way replace, those other proven poison prevention programs, such as child-resistant containers, appropriate packaging and labeling, parental education, etc. (Res 10, A-89) (Reaffirmed A-17)

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Abbreviations for House of Delegates report origination:

EC – Executive Committee; BT – Board of Trustees; CPA – Council on Professional Affairs; JC – Judicial Council; CHS – Community and Health Services

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