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Disaster Response

Disaster Response

The WSMA will work to coordinate with existing national, state, and local disaster agencies a response system that will establish a plan to optimally mobilize all physicians, associated health care providers and medical students in the state to volunteer assistance appropriate to their training with due regard to their own safety and that of their families. The WSMA will coordinate with county medical societies the role that they can play to ensure comprehensive statewide physician disaster response. (Res A-7, A-05; Res B-13, A-01) (Reaffirmed A-17)

The WSMA will participate and help coordinate disaster preparedness education programs throughout the state to enable attendees to recognize and properly respond to bio-terrorism, chemical exposures, radiation, and mass casualties. (Res A-7, A-05; Res B-13, A-01) (Reaffirmed A-17)

The WSMA supports the continued development of the Medical Reserve Corps. (Res A-7, A-05) (Reaffirmed A-17)

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Abbreviations for House of Delegates report origination:

EC – Executive Committee; BT – Board of Trustees; CPA – Council on Professional Affairs; JC – Judicial Council; CHS – Community and Health Services

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