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Uniform Statewide Credentialing Requirement for Medical and Physician Assistant Students

The WSMA supports establishing uniformly accepted statewide credentialing and onboarding processes for medical and physician assistant students from Washington state-based medical schools to reduce the burden of repetitive documentation and processing time/costs for medical students, medical and physician assistant schools, and health care organizations within Washington state (Res B-21, A-19)

The WSMA supports a statewide effort to urgently align institutional requirements such that every health care entity in Washington state would accept the same attestation. (Res B-21, A-19)

The WSMA supports the state using a central electronic database (e.g. CastleBranch) rather than creating a Washington-specific database, that will meet criteria for student privacy protection under law (FERPA) (Res B-21, A-19)

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Abbreviations for House of Delegates report origination:

EC – Executive Committee; BT – Board of Trustees; CPA – Council on Professional Affairs; JC – Judicial Council; CHS – Community and Health Services

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