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COVID-19 Q&A Session

COVID-19 Q&A Session - August 30, 2021

With a focus on what front-line physicians need to know about the virus, the WSMA brings together Washington state's public health leaders and leading experts for free sessions that offer the latest information on COVID-19 that directly impacts you, your practice, and your patients. This webinar addresses the evolution of the disease, management of COVID-19 patients, vaccines, and our state's response to the pandemic.

An expert panel of physicians and public health professionals answers questions about the Delta variant, testing, treatment, post-acute COVID-19 syndrome, and vaccines.


  • SheAnne Allen, MPH, MCHES, COVID-19 vaccine director and deputy PCH response director, Office of Immunization and Child Profile, Washington State Department of Health
  • Jason Goldman, MD, MPH, infectious disease and organ transplant, Swedish Medical Center
  • Lisa Jackson, MD, MPH, senior investigator at Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute
  • Scott Lindquist, MD MPH, state epidemiologist for communicable diseases, Washington State Department of Health
  • Yuan-Po Tu, MD, medical director, anticoagulation clinic, Epic provider efficiency, and flu services, The Everett Clinic

(Originally recorded on August 30, 2021)

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