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COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 Testing

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State officials are urging physicians and medical providers to increase testing to help the state identify those infected with the virus. Updated guidance and resources below. Be sure to check the DOH COVID-19 Professional Resources for the most up-to-date guidance.

How can physicians and providers help?

  • Test all persons with any symptom that could be consistent with COVID-19.
  • Test all close contacts (< 6 ft. of distance for > 15 minutes).
  • Use self-collected nasal swabs if the person is able to.
  • Complete all required information on requisition to include:
    • Complete contact information.
    • Race/ethnicity.
  • Provide public health centered counseling around:
    • What and how to isolate and quarantine (see patient resources below for assistance).
    • Assess support needs.
    • How important it is to do this.
    • If they are positive that they will be contacted by public health and why it is important that they provide contact information.

Symptomatic patients should be tested within 24 hours or referred to another testing site and provided guidance (see below) on the need to isolate (for ill persons) and self-quarantine (for exposed contacts).

Testing guidance


  • COVID-19 Reimbursement - Detailed guidance from the WSMA on reimbursement related to COVID-19 and the novel coronavirus.

Testing supplies

For your patients

The following patient handouts are available in multiple languages on the Washington State Department of Health's COVID-19 Resources and Recommendations page.

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