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COVID-19 Patient Education

COVID-19 Patient Education

Patient education resources for your office or communications channels below. For patient vaccine resources, visit our COVID-19 Vaccines page.

It's Safe to See Your Doctor

A public service message from Washington State Medical Association and the Washington State Hospital Association urging patients to not delay seeking care for routine, chronic, or urgent health conditions and outlining the safety measures health providers are taking to ensure patient safety during in-person visits.

Find all of WSMA’s COVID-19 public service announcements here.

Patient Handouts/Downloads on COVID-19

The Washington State Department of Health offers the following one-pagers for people who have or think they may have COVID-19 that physicians and providers can distribute to their patients or post on their organization's website.

Visit the Washington State Department of Health's Health Care Provider Resources and Recommendations page (under Materials for Patients) for further guidance and to check for updates on the above recommendations.

Life after vaccination

Washington's Life After Vaccine webpages explain which activities and behaviors are safe for fully vaccinated people vs. those who are not yet vaccinated.

Multilingual COVID-19 patient resources

For patients who don't speak English, state and public agencies offer COVID-19 educational resources in multiple languages.

How Can I Get Tested for COVID-19?

The Washington State Department of Health recommends testing anyone with symptoms consistent with COVID-19.

Review the DOH's frequently asked questions about testing to learn more about who should be tested, what to do if you test positive, the types of tests (PCR and antibody), and more.

Costs for COVID-19 testing

If you have insurance and are symptomatic, there should be no cost to you as a patient for the COVID-19 lab test. Patients who do not have insurance should ask their physician or provider about using the HRSA portal to bill for the test: COVID-19 Claims Reimbursement.

The Washington State Health Care Authority is working with insurance carriers across all the populations they purchase for, including Medicaid (Apple Health), public employees and school employees, to waive the costs association with COVID-19 testing. Learn more on HCA's website.

If you don't have health insurance, visit the Washington Health Benefit Exchange to find out if you qualify for free health coverage through Apple Health, Washington's Medicaid program, or if you qualify to purchase individual health insurance under specific circumstances. Find answers to frequently asked questions about getting coverage during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Washington State Department of Health offers more information about costs for COVID-19 testing in Washington state.

Where to get tested

To make it easier to find a test near you, the Department of Health has created a new webpage to help people find COVID-19 testing locations throughout the state.

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