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COVID-19 Patient Education

COVID-19 Patient Education

Patient education resources for your office or communications channels below. For patient vaccine resources, visit our COVID-19 Vaccines page.

Stay Up to Date on Medical Care and Routine Screenings

During COVID-19, many Americans have deferred or delayed getting medical care. WSMA President Mika Sinanan, MD, PhD, talks about why it's so important to stay up to date on your medical care and routine screenings.

Safe Masking for High-Risk Individuals

WSMA President Mika Sinanan, MD, PhD, on who should continue to wear a mask to protect themselves against COVID-19, and how to choose the best mask for you.

Patient Handouts/Downloads on COVID-19

The following patient handouts and many others are available in multiple languages on the Washington State Department of Health's COVID-19 Resources and Recommendations page.

Booster doses

Confused about booster doses? The Washington State Department of Health offers helpful guidance.

Life after vaccination

Washington's Life After Vaccine webpages explain which activities and behaviors are safe for fully vaccinated people vs. those who are not yet vaccinated.

Multilingual COVID-19 patient resources

For patients who don't speak English, state and public agencies offer COVID-19 educational resources in multiple languages.

How Can I Get Tested for COVID-19?

Review the DOH's frequently asked questions about testing to learn more about when to get tested, what to do if you test positive, the types of tests (PCR and antibody), and more.

To make it easier to find a test near you, the Department of Health has created a new webpage to help people find COVID-19 testing locations throughout the state.

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