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Support the WSMA

Your donations make a difference in the success of our clinical quality improvement initiatives and our nonpartisan political advocacy on behalf of you and your patients. Take a moment to learn more and give your support.

WSMA Foundation: Creating a Healthier Washington

The WSMA Foundation is living out a vision to make Washington the best place to receive care and to practice medicine.

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Patients want sound, compassionate advice from their doctor, whom they trust has their best interests at heart. And you want time to engage with your patient about their care decisions, their health and their well-being.

The relationship between patient and doctor has been at the heart of good medicine for centuries. But in today’s era of “disruptions,” patients aren’t the only ones who are overwhelmed with intrusive new gadgets, confusing new policies and never-ending paperwork. Physicians are too. And these challenges can diminish the bond between doctor and patient. 

We know healthier doctors mean healthier patients. That’s why the WSMA Foundation for Health Care Improvement is working to restore and strengthen that critical bond by:

  • Giving patients and physicians tools to encourage conversations on treatments, options and shared decision-making.
  • Working to reduce physician burnout and reconnecting physicians with the joy of practicing medicine. 

The Foundation is working with partners to develop and implement ambitious programs that touch and improve the lives of patients and health care providers in Washington state, including Honoring Choices® Pacific Northwest; Choosing Wisely®; Healthy Doctors, Healthier Patients; and The Medical Officer Collaborative. 

But more needs to be done. Your support today will help create a healthier Washington—providing better outcomes for physicians and their patients. Help further this work by making a tax-deductible donation today.

Thank you for supporting the WSMA Foundation for Health Care Improvement and for helping keep the heart of good medicine healthy.

WAMPAC: Working to Support and Elect Pro-medicine Candidates Washington State

Not interested in politics? You’re not the only one.

But the fact is that elected officials are interested in you and the way you practice medicine. 


WAMPAC (Washington Medical Political Action Committee) is WSMA’s nonpartisan political action committee. As the WSMA’s campaign arm, WAMPAC works to support and elect pro-medicine candidates across Washington state. 

WAMPAC is successful—in the 2016 election cycle, more than 97 percent of the candidates supported by WAMPAC won their campaign for office. Each of those successful races represents a relationship WAMPAC built with a lawmaker who sets policies that directly impact your profession and practice.

And while WAMPAC has grown, we continue to trail the campaign spending of dentists, nurses and trial attorneys. For WAMPAC to remain relevant, we need your support.

Help us make WAMPAC the most effective and influential PAC in the state of Washington. Your contribution will allow WAMPAC to build a strong base for steady contributions to candidates who support WSMA’s agenda, ensuring you have a voice in the political process.

Join or renew your membership today!