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WSMA is the lead physician voice on medical and health matters in the state.


The WSMA is a respected and powerful voice for the medical profession. We represent you and your patients before Congress, the state legislature, federal and state agencies, health plans, licensing boards, the judicial branch and more. Learn more about how we advocate for you—and how you can help support this important work.

In this section you will find:

Take Action

The voices of individual physicians and physician assistants are crucial in informing the decisions made at the state and federal levels. Take Action

Legislative & Regulatory

Physicians view legislative and regulatory advocacy as an essential role for the WSMA. And the WSMA delivers. Legislative & Regulatory

2021 WSMA Interim Priorities

The 2021 interim priorities for the WSMA, the only professional organization that represents the interests and priorities of all physicians in Washington. 2021 WSMA Interim Priorities

New Laws Impacting Practice Management

Highlights of new laws enacted in 2021 that may impact your practice operations. New Laws Impacting Practice Management

Understanding the Regulatory Process

Your feedback is critical to help guide our legislative and regulatory approach. Understanding the Regulatory Process

Become a Grassroots Advocate

Guidance from WSMA legislative experts on how to become a grassroots advocate for the profession and your patients. Become a Grassroots Advocate

Get to Know Your Legislators

Get started building relationships in your legislative district using these resources. Get to Know Your Legislators

Tips for Testifying at a Public Hearing

Your testimony on health care policy lends gravity and expertise that can help determine whether or not a bill becomes a law. Tips for Testifying at a Public Hearing


Campaigns are more important than ever—and so is your support for WAMPAC. WAMPAC

Give to WAMPAC

Your modest contribution today will help WAMPAC stay relevant, giving us the resources we need to advocate on your behalf, strengthen the profession, and improve patient care throughout Washington state. Give to WAMPAC

The WSMA advocates for physicians in the court system by ensuring a physician-centric perspective is considered during litigation. Legal

Health Care Cost Transparency

Washington's health care cost transparency board was created in 2020 to help reduce the growth in the health care costs statewide. Learn more about the board on this page. Health Care Cost Transparency

Health Care Reform

Our guiding principles for addressing reform as we work to influence the changes coming to health care. Health Care Reform

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