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Using AI to uncover hidden revenue and reimbursements


Increase Reimbursements.
Accelerate Cashflow.

Every private practice has seen how the complexity of healthcare billing has grown in recent years. That trend is only growing stronger. By using Gentem, private practices are simplifying their revenue cycle and relieving the administrative burden that plagues their reimbursements.

Gentem is on a mission to revive private medical practices by helping them get paid what they deserve. With proprietary technology that reduces errors and increases payments, Gentem customers see an average 20% increase in revenue.

Between a team of specialty-focused experts and AI technology that detects issues and changes that are challenging for the naked eye to see, Gentem finds ways to uncover hidden revenue that outsourced billing teams and solo practice managers pass over.

As a WSMA member, your minimum required fees are waived for the first month in addition to the integration costs.

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Fisayo Ositelu, MD and Emmanuel Akintayo, founders of Gentem
Fisayo Ositelu, MD, a Stanford-educated physician and Emmanuel Akintayo, a former Facebook software engineer, founded Gentem to address the increasing difficulty of doctors to run financially-viable medical practices due to administrative costs and poor cash flow.
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