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Foundation Donors

Foundation Donors

The WSMA Foundation for Health Care Improvement wishes to thank the following corporate and individual donors for their generous contributions.

Silver Partners

Individual Donors


Christopher C. Bundy, MD, MPH
Jeffrey B. Collins, MD
Jennifer L. Hanscom
William K. Hirota, MD
Carrie A. Horwitch, MD
Sheila K. Kirkegaard
Dale P. Reisner, MD
Thomas P. Schaaf, MD, MHA
Steven E. Schiebel, MD, CPE, FAAP
Brian J. Seppi, MD
Mika N. Sinanan, MD, PhD
Bruce C. Smith, MD


Nathan R. Schlicher, MD, JD, MBA
Estell J. Williams, MD


John S. Bramhall, MD, PhD
Amish J. Dave, MD, MPH
Clinton T. Hauxwell, MD
James E. Park, MD, MHA
Rachel A. Reeg, MD, FACP
Ralph A. Rossi, MD, MPH
Katina R. Rue, DO
S. Iyabo Tinubu-Karch, MD, MHA


Laura K. Backer, MD
Stephanie K. Cramer, MD
Nancy L. Fisher, MD, MPH
Matthew J. Grierson, MD
Erin K. Harnish, MD
Deborah J. Harper, MD
Connie Mao, MD
Milana McLead
Jeffrey R. O'Connor, MD
Matthew D. Rehrl, MD
Amanda G. Ryder, MD
John D. Wynn, MD


Carla R. Ainsworth, MD, MPH
Monica Blykowski-May, MD, MBA, CPE
Gary M. Goldbaum, MD, MPH
Matthew F. Hollon, MD, MPH, FACP
William F. House, MD
David W. Krueger, MD
Maureen Kures
Michael F. Mena, MD
James W. Nelson, MD
Jacqueline V. Riddick, MD
James G. Wallace Jr., MD, MPH
Joy Y. Zhao, MD

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