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Honoring Choices® Pacific Northwest

Honoring Choices® Pacific Northwest

The Honoring Choices® Pacific Northwest initiative sunset at the end of 2023. The goal of the initiative was to embed expertise and resources within organizations so that they could independently run advance care planning programs for their local communities. Much has been accomplished in this work since 2015, when the WSMA Foundation and the Washington State Hospital Association launched the initiative as a philanthropically funded joint effort.

Among the accomplishments of Honoring Choices PNW:

  • More than 30,000 meaningful advance care planning interactions.
  • Approximately 30,000 advance directives delivered to WSMA members per year.
  • 17 language translations of the advance directive and Washington POLST forms.
  • More than 50 health care organizations engaged in ACP consulting services.
  • 540 (and counting!) diverse health care professionals trained in the Serious Illness Conversation Guide.
  • 74 trained Serious Illness Conversation Guide teachers.

Starting in 2024, the WSMA and WSHA will revert to our informal partnership of providing advance care planning resources to our respective members, such as education, training, and access to advance directives and POLST forms. While we make this transition in the first quarter of 2024, the formal Honoring Choices PNW website will remain available. Once the transition is complete, the associations will coordinate in continuing to make resources available to our respective members, including by providing resources on our public-facing organizational websites and rebranding assets such as the advance directive.

Successful initiatives like Honoring Choices PNW are made possible by the efforts of thousands of engaged individuals and the support of organizations with strong commitments to improving serious illness conversations and end-of-life-care planning. We deeply appreciate their dedication to improving advance care planning in Washington state.

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