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Virtual Reference Committees

Virtual Reference Committees

The virtual reference committees are now closed. Testimony must be given in person at the 2022 Annual Meeting in Spokane.

The WSMA's virtual reference committees give members an opportunity to review and provide online feedback on official proposed WSMA policy.

Comments left on the virtual committees have been compiled and are available at the links below. Reference committee members consider all testimony – in person and virtual – when drafting their reports for House of Delegates action.

Virtual Reference Committee Testimony

Reference Committee B

Reference Committee C

Disclaimer: Comments posted in the WSMA Virtual Reference Committees are the opinions of the authors and WSMA makes no representations of any kind about the accuracy of information contained therein. Only items that have been acted upon by the House of Delegates can be considered official.

If you have questions or feedback about the virtual reference committees, please contact the WSMA at or 206.441.9762.

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