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Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

The WSMA board of trustees meets quarterly and is responsible for carrying out the mandates and policies of the House of Delegates.

The board has all the powers of the House except amending the bylaws or establishing dues or assessments.

From the board, the president, president-elect, vice president, immediate past president, and secretary-treasurer form the executive committee. The committee meets monthly and acts for the board in implementing WSMA programs and establishing interim policy.


Mika Sinanan, MD, PhD

Past President

Nathan Schlicher, MD, JD, MBA


Katina Rue, DO

Vice President

Nariman Heshmati, MD


John Bramhall, MD, PhD

AMA Delegates

Matthew J. Grierson, MD
Erin K. Harnish, MD
Elizabeth Peterson, MD
Sheila D. Rege, MD
Rodney Trytko, MD, MBA, MPH

AMA Alternate Delegates

Amish Dave, MD, MPH
Peter J. Dunbar, MD
Nariman Heshmati, MD
Benjamin Meyer, MD
Libby Parker, MD

Finance Committee Chair

Don Benz, MD

Speaker of the House

Matthew Grierson, MD

Vice Speaker

Ray Hsiao, MD

WSMA Trustees

Monica Blykowski-May MD, MBA, CPE
Linda Brown, MD
Bridget Bush, MD, FASA
Andrea Carter, MD
Leah Geyer, MD
Teresa Girolami, MD
Alexander Hamling, MD, MBA, FAAP
Clint Hauxwell, MD
Rebecca Hoffman, MD
Matt Hollon, MD, MPH, FACP
Carrie Horwitch, MD
Dave Krueger, MD
James Martin, MD
Okechukwu Ojogho, MD
James Park, MD, MHA
Tony Quang, MD, JD
Ralph Rossi, MD, MPH
Steven Schiebel, MD, FAAP, CPE
Matthew Uhlman, MD
Alan Urbina-Alvarez, MD
Áine Yore, MD

Young Physician Trustee

Amish Dave, MD, MPH

Resident Trustee

Rasheed Durowoju, MD, MS

Student Trustee

Reilly Bealer

Liaison - Washington Physicians Health Program

Christopher C. Bundy, MD, MPH

Liaison - Physicians Insurance

William Cotter

Liaison - WAMPAC Chair

Elizabeth Peterson, MD

Liaison - WSHA

Ron Rehn

Liaison - WAPA

Paul Surette, PA-C, MSPA

Liaison - WSMGMA Past President

Brett Vandenberg

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