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Visionary Leadership
vintage photo of WSMA Annual Meeting attendees gathered
Who were WSMA’s past presidents?

Visionary Leadership

Today’s leadership of the WSMA—not surprisingly—looks quite a bit different than it did in the early days. In fact, today 49% of WSMA’s membership is female, and the organization is pursuing diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts to help ensure that our future physician population reflects the patient population being served in our state.

Past Presidents

WSMA past, present, and future presidents at annual meeting

From left: Recent WSMA presidents Bill Hirota, Nathan Schlicher, Mika Sinanan and 2022-23 President Katina Rue.

2021-22 Mika Sinanan, MD, PhD, Seattle
2020-21 Nathan Schlicher, MD, JD, MBA Gig Harbor
2019-20 William K. Hirota, MD Tacoma
2018-19 Thomas P. Schaaf, MD, MHA Spokane
2017-18 Donna L. Smith, MD Seattle
2016-17 Shane E. Macaulay, MD Bellevue
2015-16 Ray C. Hsiao, MD Seattle
2014-15 Brian J. Seppi, MD Spokane
2013-14 Dale P. Reisner, MD Seattle
2012-13 Nicholas Rajacich, MD Tacoma
2011-12 Douglas R. Myers, MD Vancouver
2010-11 Dean R. Martz, MD Spokane
2009-10 Deborah J. Harper, MD Spokane
2008-09 Cynthia A. Markus, MD Everett
2007-08 Brian P. Wicks, MD Silverdale
2006-07 W. Hugh Maloney, MD Richland
2005-06 Peter J. Dunbar, MD Seattle
2004-05 Kenneth H. Isaacs, MD Walla Walla
2003-04 Jeffrey B. Collins, MD Spokane
2002-03 Maureen A. Callaghan, MD Olympia
2001-02 Samuel W. Cullison III, MD Seattle
2000-01 Nancy J. Auer, MD Seattle
1999-00 John G. Gollhofer, MD Spokane
1998-99 Mark C. Adams, MD Bremerton
1997-98 Peter K. Marsh, MD Tacoma
1996-97 Nancy L. Purcell, MD Renton
1995-96 George H. Rice, MD Spokane
1994-95 Peter M. McGough, MD Redmond
1993-94 Richard W. Seaman, MD Olympia
1992-93 Anna H. Chavelle, MD Seattle
1991-92 James T. Kilduff, MD Bremerton
1990-91 Marvin R. Young, MD Seattle
1989-90 Harold R. Clure, MD Anacortes
1988-89 George W. Schneider Jr., MD Spokane
1987-88 Ralph A. Johnson, MD Tacoma
1986-87 Rick L. Johnson, MD Seattle
1985-86 Edmund W. Gray, MD Colville
1984-85 John M. Kennelly Jr., MD Seattle
1983-84 Richard F. Ambur, MD Silverdale
1982-83 Donald H. Ballew, MD Yakima
1981-82 Donald M. Keith, MD Seattle
1980-81 Charles C. Strong, MD Vancouver
1979-80 W. Maurice Lawson, MD Seattle
1978-79 John A. Moyer, MD Spokane
1977-78 Alvin J. Thompson, MD Seattle
1976-77 Malcolm W. Bulmer, MD Wenatchee
1975-76 William O. Robertson, MD Seattle
1974-75 Arch H. Logan Jr., MD Spokane
1973-74 H. Paul Dygert, MD Vancouver
1972-73 Gilbert G. Eade, MD Seattle
1971-72 Peter T. Brooks, MD Walla Walla
1970-71 Richard C. Greenleaf, MD Seattle
1969-70 Robert P. Parker, MD Spokane

(Presidents previous to 1969 coming soon.)

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