The WSMA Next STEPS Program
Sustainability and Transformation: Essential Physician Support

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What is the WSMA 'Next STEPS' program?

Getting started

The materials in the Next STEPS program are arranged by content area. Before exploring the individual content areas, begin with the following overview. Then, review the additional materials that are most applicable to you and your practice using the links in the sidebar menu on the upper left-hand corner of this page (also listed below).

Seven content areas

1. Practice models
2. Health care reform and redesign
3. Health information technology, data analytics, performance metrics
4. Quality improvement and reporting
5. Skills development -- Professional: Business skills
6. Skills development -- Professional: Leadership skills
7. Skills development -- Personal


What is the WSMA 'Next STEPS' program?

In mid 2011, the WSMA in collaboration with Physicians Insurance A Mutual Company, launched STEPS – Sustainability and Transformation: Essential Physician Support.

STEPS served as a vehicle to assist physicians and practices in understanding their options and making informed choices on their strategic choices and operational decisions, as the health care delivery system evolved.

Now, new drivers of change in the health care system are in play: ongoing implementation of the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid expansion, increasing adoption of the accountable care organization model in the Medicare and commercial health insurance markets, “narrow networks,” and the growth of clinically integrated networks.

More than ever, physicians and practice staff need tangible guidance to understand these complex developments and the strategic choices they face.

The “Next STEPS” program addresses that need by offering updated and expanded expert assistance across three tiers:

Tier I - Self-guided resources. WSMA white papers and other easily accessible, well-organized resources on practice management and legal issues.

Tier II - Educational programs. In-person seminars, live and archived online webinars and other conferences and presentations, dealing with practice management and clinical issues.

Tier III - Consulting assistance. Discounted services, facilitating access to tangible guidance tailored to your practice and its current needs and long-term goals.

This program will be an evolving work in progress. 

The WSMA provides assistance to our members now on these crucially important issues, and will expand on our offerings as these emerging issues take form.

Check this Web page often and watch for announcements of upcoming programs in WSMA publications and emails.

Bob Perna, MBA, FACMPE
WSMA Practice Resource Center

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