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We can't do it alone. Find out how you can get involved and help the WSMA reduce unnecessary burden and sustain a healthy physician workforce.

Get involved with WSMA advocacy

We'll publicize opportunities for our members to assist in our efforts through our regular communications and on our website. Visit the WSMA Legislative Action Center for general information on WSMA's legislative and regulatory advocacy and for information on calls to action when they arise.

Keep insurance carriers in line

To date, it has been unclear how physicians can voice complaints with regulators, or whether they had to be originated directly by patients. Fortunately, that's changed.

The Office of the Insurance Commissioner has updated its website with guidance on a physician's rights and responsibilities for the health plans it regulates and has launched a new hotline physicians can use to file complaints against insurers. As part of its guidance, the OIC highlights areas of Washington state law that form the basis for the most common complaints from physicians and other health care providers. It also includes instances where the OIC does not have legal jurisdiction to intervene. Visit the OIC website to review the guidance.

To file a complaint with the OIC against an insurer, physicians can do so from the OIC website or by calling (800) 562-6900.