How to support hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico, Texas and Florida

The crisis unfolding in Puerto Rico follows close on the heels of hurricane-related devastation in Texas and Florida, marking the third time in the span of a single month U.S. citizens have been left reeling from natural disasters. Continuing support is needed for relief efforts underway in Puerto Rico and for those affected by Harvey and Irma.

For our members wishing to support Puerto Rico, consider donating to the global emergency relief program Project HOPE. Project HOPE is currently deploying an emergency response team in Puerto Rico, including physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners and mental health specialists. Project HOPE also responded to hurricanes Harvey and Irma with medical volunteers in both Texas and Florida. Learn more about Project HOPE and donate.

The impact of Harvey and Irma continues to be felt, as many physician practices suffered damage that forced them to relocate or stop delivering patient care for extended times.

The Florida Medical Association established The Foundation for Healthy Floridians Medical Disaster Fund following Hurricane Katrina to help doctors reopen their doors in the wake of natural disasters. Click here to support the Medical Disaster Fund so that medical practices affected by Hurricane Irma can recover and continue delivering patient care. All or part of your donation may be tax deductible as a charitable contribution.

To help victims of Hurricane Harvey, consider donating to the Texas Medical Association's Disaster Relief Program, which helps to cover expenses related to relocating or rehabilitating a physician's medical office. Around $907,000 has been raised for the TMA Disaster Relief Program to date.

Published 9/27/2017