Donate to Texas Medical Association Disaster Relief Program

Dear friend:

We’ve all watched with horror — or, worse, experienced the horror firsthand — as Hurricane Harvey brought death and destruction to our beloved Texas. I am very proud of everything physicians have done to continue to heal and mend in this traumatic situation.

And even though the flood waters have not yet receded everywhere, the rains thankfully have stopped, and the sun is shining. Now we must begin to look forward to the long and difficult task of rebuilding what Harvey destroyed.

You will receive many solicitations in the coming days to help meet the needs of the thousands of Texans forced out of their homes, and I hope you find it in your heart to support those worthy causes.

But as physicians and friends of medicine, I also hope you will help the Texas Medical Association and the TMA Foundation reestablish patient care in the disaster zone. We don’t know yet how many physician practices were damaged or demolished by Harvey, but the widespread damage all the way from Corpus Christi through East Texas tells us that number will be high. Too high. Much too high.

Your tax-deductible donation today will support TMA’s Disaster Relief Program, administered by The Physicians Benevolent Fund, provide grants to rebuild or repair those damaged practices.

Established originally after Hurricane Rita, the TMA Disaster Relief Program helps cover expenses (not covered by insurance or other funding) related to relocating or rehabilitating a physician’s medical office. This may include replacing equipment, aiding needed staff, rebuilding patient records, and other similar costs — all towards the goal of helping physicians once again begin treating their patients.

After Rita and then Ike, TMA’s Disaster Relief Program helped physicians meet uncovered expenses such as vaccines, telephone system replacements, signage, and medical laboratory supplies. Thanks to your help, they overcame those obstacles more quickly and got back to taking care of patients sooner.

Please give today to the TMA Foundation Disaster Relief Campaign.

Thank you for donating to TMA Foundation, the philanthropic arm of TMA, and supporting “Physicians Caring for Texans.”


Carlos J. Cardenas, MD

Published 9/1/2017