What does the WSMA do?

We are a private, non-profit membership organization for physicians. We are funded by physician membership dues, not by the state. We work on behalf of our members and their patients to provide educational seminars, physician advocacy efforts, lobbying and other services.

Where are you located?

The WSMA has two offices, downtown Seattle and Olympia. Click here for address, phone numbers and driving directions

I need to locate a physician. Can you give me their address/phone?

To find a physician in your area, use our Physician Locator to search for a physician or physician assistant member by name, clinic, location and/or specialty. Or you can email WSMA membership services at membership@wsma.org, for assistance if the physician is a WSMA member.

Is there a directory of physicians for the state of Washington?

WSMA offers a free directory to its members called The Official Membership Directory of the Washington State Medical Association. For non-members or for those members who wish to order extra copies, we take orders for the directory on a pre-paid basis only. The directory is $55 per copy plus tax (shipping is included in price), and you may order from the WSMA online store. For those who wish to send a check, please make your check payable to the WSMA and mail it with your request to: 2033 Sixth Ave. Suite 1100, Seattle, WA 98121. 

How can I obtain a referral for a physician of a particular specialty?

The WSMA does not offer referrals. You can contact the King County Medical Society at (206) 621-9393. Otherwise, contact your county medical society.

How can I file a complaint against a doctor, or find out if a doctor has any complaints against them?

Try to resolve the dispute with your physician or contact your local county medical society.

Where can I obtain information regarding proposed state or federal legislation?

Check the Legislative Action Center or contact the WSMA's Olympia office at 800.562.4546.

Do you have a listing of job opportunities for physicians in Washington state?

Check out the WSMA's online Career Center.

Contact us

If you wish to speak with our office staff during business hours, M-F, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST, please call 206.441.9762. Contact us via email at wsma@wsma.org.