Delegate Duties

Delegates are expected to be available for one year of service from the beginning of the House of Delegates meeting until the House meets the following year. Delegates shall be available to provide input and information and guidance to the board of trustees and executive committee as they administer and interpret policy set by the House of Delegates and as they make policy decisions when the House is not in session.

Click here to download a copy of the delegate duties.

WSMA delegate responsibilities

To fulfill your responsibilities as a delegate:
  1. Be familiar with the WSMA. The WSMA priorities for the year are available from the Seattle office. Read WSMA Reports and the Membership Memo.
  2. Review the official actions of the previous House of Delegates and the WSMA Bylaws (included in the delegate handbook).
  3. Alert your colleagues that you are a delegate to the WSMA. Seek their comments and recommendations on WSMA programs and policies.
  4. Communicate your society’s or your individual recommendations for the establishment of WSMA policies or programs through the introduction of a resolution.
  5. Be thoroughly familiar with the reports and resolutions contained in the delegate handbook.
  6. Work with your delegation. Divide reference committee responsibilities so your members are represented in the deliberations of each of the reference committees. Encourage all members to attend and participate in reference committee hearings.
  7. Take action! If you have an issue or concern, write the president, call the executive director, introduce a resolution or volunteer for a WSMA committee.