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WSMA Physicians Business Skills - Webinar Series

While medical school and residency programs provide you with clinical training, they often don’t provide you with the administrative skills necessary to run a practice or effectively manage hospital staff.

Physicians Business Skills is a new WSMA educational series designed to provide physicians—particularly those in the early years of clinical practice—with a solid understanding of management and business operations to help you thrive in your chosen career.

The series is comprised of seven programs:

  • Understanding the Big Picture
  • Internal Finances of Health Care
  • Compliance Programs
  • Coding and Data Capture
  • Financial Relationships with External Partners
  • Employment Contracts
  • Social Media and the Internet: What Physicians Need to Know

Members can access each program at a discounted price of only $25, or all seven programs as a package for $130. The individual programs are below; for the packaged series, scroll to the bottom.

Picture of the productUnderstanding the Big Picture
Presenter - Bob Perna
  • Business Intelligence: Managing Finances, Operations and Human Capital, Organizational Governance
  • Budgets and Financial Controls
  • Financial Performance: Hitting Revenue and Expense Targets
General Learning Objectives
  • Discuss the mutual challenges faced by practicing physicians and physician leaders
  • Demonstrate understanding of benchmarking.
  • Identify financial metrics that aid in physician practice management.

Regular price: 75.00
Discounted member price: 25.00

Picture of the productInternal Finances of Health Care
Presenter - Bob Perna
  • Billing Operations: Turning Services into Dollars
  • Establishing Charges for Services
  • Relative Value Units, Productivity and Compensation
General Learning Objectives
  • Define advantages and disadvantages of Relative Value Units (RVUs)
  • Define financial performance measures.
  • Assess practice budget and financial organizational obligations.

Regular price: 75.00
Discounted member price: 25.00

Picture of the productCompliance Programs
Presenter - Bob Perna
  • Relationships with Insurers and Purchasers
  • Emerging Payment Models: Shifting from Volume to Value
  • Risk-based Contracting
  • Population Health
  • Contracting Strategies
General Learning Objectives
  • Assess different physician compensation models.
  • Integrate the use of quality metrics and contract specific expectations and requirements into the physician's clinical practice
  • Conduct a thorough evaluation of employment options, including a practice readiness assessment, evaluation of pros and cons, and consideration of possible operational, financial, and strategic implications.
  • Establish understanding of the Concept of Risk Adjustment and the impacts on contracting

Regular price: 75.00
Discounted member price: 25.00

Picture of the productCoding and Data Capture
Presenter - Michelle Lott
  • Basic CPT and ICD Coding
  • Chart documentation
  • Risk Adjustment Coding
General Learning Objectives
  • Explain the purpose of medical coding and accurately code diagnoses and procedures using industry-standard coding systems published by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Medical Association (AMA).
  • CPT coding: How to use modifiers, specific codes, and section guidelines, and how to remain up-to-date with CPT coding changes.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in analyzing medical record documentation and identifying different source documentation
  • Establish understanding of the Concept of Risk Adjustment
  • Describe different Risk Adjustment Models

Regular price: 75.00
Discounted member price: 25.00

Picture of the productFinancial Relationships with External Partners
Presenter - Bob Perna
  • Satisfying legal requirements
  • Billing Compliance programs
General Learning Objectives
  • Understand the components of a compliance programs and how the Affordable Care Act will require implementation of seven core elements for an effective compliance program.
  • How compliance program can increase the potential of proper submission and payment of claims;
  • How implementation of an effective compliance program can avoid the potential for fraud, waste and abuse; and Promote patient safety and ensure delivery of high quality patient care.
  • Identify and describe the difficulties and risks of implementing a compliance program
  • Understand the requirements of the federal HIPAA/HITECH regulations, state privacy laws, and University policies and procedures that protect the privacy and security of confidential data and what information must be protected

Regular price: 75.00
Discounted member price: 25.00

Picture of the productEmployment Contracts
Presenter - Denny Maher
  • Focuses on what you need to understand about employment contracts before signing on the bottom line.
  • Overview of the basics of contracts, and outlines how the physician should prepare before making a commitment.
  • Importance of understanding personal needs, wants, and priorities, performing due diligence, and identifying red flags.

Regular price: 75.00
Discounted member price: 25.00

Picture of the productSocial Media and the Internet: What Physicians Need to Know
Presenter - Tierney Edwards
  • Covers applicable state and federal laws (such as HIPAA and the Washington State Uniform Health Care Information Act)
  • Guidance issued by the Medical Quality Assurance Commission
  • Look at some examples of social media use that •while completely legal - might do irreparable harm to a physician’s professional reputation.

Regular price: 75.00
Discounted member price: 25.00

Picture of the productPhysicians Business Skills: Seven Webinar Series
Physicians Business Skills is a new WSMA series of multi-format programs designed to provide physicians-particularly those early in their professional career-with a solid understanding of management and business operations. The new programs will help you sharpen your business skills in areas such as business intelligence, internal finances, compliance programs, coding and data capture, employee contracts and social media.

Regular price: 525.00
Discounted member price: 130.00