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Curated information and guidance to help you help your patients and your practice.


The WSMA provides resources on a host of topics—from legal to leadership, from clinical quality to practice support and more—so that you can spend more of your time delivering quality care.

In the Resources section you will find:

Find a Doctor

Find a physician or physician assistant near you by searching our database of more than 11,000 members. Find a Doctor

COVID-19 Resources

Guidance and resources for the physician community to support their response to the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 Resources


Information on COVID-19 vaccines for WSMA members. Vaccines


Guidance on utilizing telehealth as part of your COVID-19 response. Telehealth


Guidance on billing and reimbursement for COVID-19-related services. Reimbursement


Guidance on COVID-19 testing for physicians and medical providers. Testing


Information on PPE and infection control. PPE

Professional Resources

Guidance for health system reactivation, testing, clinical services, and more. Professional Resources

Patient Education

Multilingual handouts, screening tool, WSMA PSAs, and more. Patient Education

Financial Relief

Financial support for physicians and practices during COVID-19. Financial Relief

Care for the Caregiver

Resources to sustain physicians and PAs during the pandemic. Care for the Caregiver


Resources and information for patients and health professionals for the 2020-21 flu season. Influenza

Influenza - For Patients

Getting your flu shot is an easy and safe way to reduce your risk of getting the flu and reduce your risk of needing flu-related medical care. Influenza - For Patients

Influenza – For Physicians

Resources and information to help you and your practice or organization respond to flu during the pandemic. Influenza – For Physicians

Advance Care Planning

Resources and tools to help patients and physicians have and document conversations about wishes regarding future medical care. Advance Care Planning

Honoring Choices® Pacific Northwest

Inspiring adults of all ages to create their personal end-of-life care plans, with tools they need to get started and guidance for sharing those plans with their loved ones and health care teams. Honoring Choices® Pacific Northwest

Advance Directives

Helping ensure your wishes for future medical care are known, valued, and honored. Advance Directives


POLST, or Portable Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment, helps give seriously ill patients more control over their care. POLST

Washington Serious Illness Care Coalition

A broad-based group of individuals and organizations dedicated to helping patients, clinicians, and caregivers improve the way we prepare for and treat serious illness.Washington Serious Illness Care Coalition

Physician Wellness

Programs and resources to help strengthen resilience and help you thrive professionally in today’s health care environment. Physician Wellness


Physicians are leading efforts in Washington state to reduce prescription opioid-related overdose and death. Opioids

Better Prescribing, Better Treatment

A physician-led, peer-to-peer, non-punitive initiative aimed at encouraging safe opioid prescribing. Better Prescribing, Better Treatment

Prescribing Rules and Guidelines

Information on new state opioid prescribing requirements and state and federal opioid prescribing guidelines. Prescribing Rules and Guidelines

Overdose Notification

Giving providers timely information to coordinate prescribing, support treatment interventions, and stop overdose deaths. Overdose Notification

Administrative Simplification

A key priority for the WSMA is to address everyday practice burdens and their impact on physicians, clinical teams, and patients. Administrative Simplification

Prior Authorization

New state rules to streamline the process for medical services and prescription drugs are in effect. Find out what you need to know. Prior Authorization

Physician Credentialing

Starting June 2018, new state rules go into effect that will standardize and streamline physician credentialing. Make sure you make the most of these requirements. Physician Credentialing

Healthy Doctors, Healthier Patients

And initiative to improve physician satisfaction and decrease burnout by reducing administrative burdens and promoting wellness. Healthy Doctors, Healthier Patients

Turn to the WSMA's online knowledge bank for legal resources. You help your patients, and we'll help you understand the law. Legal

Washington Physicians’ Guide to Health Law

An easy-to-use online guide of the many laws commonly encountered in a medical practice. Washington Physicians’ Guide to Health Law


Designed to help you review and understand the terms of contractual agreements you are considering entering into, whether it be for employment or with a payer or network sponsor. Contracting

Medical and Recreational Marijuana

Helping inform you on the shifting landscape of the use, usefulness and legality of medical and recreational marijuana so you can provide better care for your patients. Medical and Recreational Marijuana

Peer Review and Medical Staff

Helping you build an understanding of important concepts such as peer review, just culture and the role of the medical staff. Peer Review and Medical Staff

Social Media and Internet

Helping you understand and adhere to ethical and professional standards when using social media and the internet while successfully managing your online reputation. Social Media and Internet

Clinical Quality

WSMA-led initiatives designed to improve the quality of care for both patients and physicians in Washington state. Clinical Quality

Choosing Wisely®

Featuring specialty-specific, evidence-based recommendations for physicians and patients on the risks and benefits of various medical tests, treatments, and procedures. Choosing Wisely®

ER is for Emergencies

Redirecting care to the most appropriate setting and reducing preventable emergency room visits through targeted education and best practices. ER is for Emergencies

Know Your Choices, Ask Your Doctor

Winner of the 2013 AAMSE Profiles of Excellence Award, WSMA's Know Your Choices, Ask Your Doctor initiative focuses on getting patients the right care, at the right place, at the right time. Know Your Choices, Ask Your Doctor

Health Insurers

Information on commercial and government payers to help facilitate communications between physician practices and health insurers. Health Insurers


Deepen your understanding of MACRA, the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act. MACRA

Healthier Washington: WSMA Guide

A guide for participating in the state's Healthier Washington initiatives to redesign care delivery to Medicaid patients.Healthier Washington: WSMA Guide


Useful guidance to help physicians and their administrative staff with issues encountered in their daily practice operations. Practice

Balance Billing

What you need to know to ensure your practice or organization is in full compliance with new state rules. Balance Billing

Resource Library

Practice resources arranged alphabetically for easy access. Resource Library

Medical Examiner Certification Training

Meet the core curriculum requirements for medical examiners. Medical Examiner Certification Training

Career Center

Employment opportunities for clinicians and administrators; services available; practices for sale or lease; and more. Career Center

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