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Resource Library

Resource Library

The WSMA provides an online resource library covering a variety of issues commonly encountered by physician practices, to benefit physicians and practice administrative staff alike.

Administrative simplification

WSMA initiative: Healthy Doctors, Healthier Patients

Coding and billing

Administrative simplification

OneHealthPort: Administrative simplification guidelines

Advance care planning

Advance care planning: CMS billing and coding guidance (Jan. 2016)

Billing: Electronic funds transfer (EFT)

Virtual Credit Cards

Care management service

Medicare CMS MLN guidance: Transitional care management

Medicare CMS MLN guidance: Chronic care management

WSMA coding guidance: Summary of care management services

WSMA coding guidance: CCCC and TCM codes for 2013

CMS Medicare annual wellness visit

CMS Med Learn Matters on annual wellness visits (AWV)

CMS quick reference: ABCs of providing the annual wellness visit

CMS quick reference guide on preventive services

AAFP question & answers on the annual wellness visits

Computer-assisted coding

"Computer-assisted coding: Boon for physicians’ practices?" – WSMA Reports article, May/June 2012


AMA resources

CMS ICD-10 Resources

Health data consulting – Dr. Joe Nichols


Advance beneficiary notice (ABN)

Billing and coverage policy

Opt out: Objective guidance for physician practice

Provider identifiers

NPI Registry – Allows you to search for individual or organizational provider NPIs

Medicare Advantage Risk Adjustment Program

WSMA white paper: Medicare Advantage Risk Adjustment Program

Medical record documentation

CMS MLN: "Preparing/Maintaining Legible Medical Records"

CMS fact sheet: "Medicare Claim Submission Guidelines"

Modifier 25 – when to use

Preventive vs. Sick Visit: How and When to Use Modifier 25!


WSMA resource (revised Oct. 2017) – Telemedicine: Coding and Billing Guidance


Medicare compliance guidance for small practices

Medicare compliance guidance for third party medical billing companies


Physician Credentialing (WSMA webpage)

Health information technology

AMA: Improving Digital Health

CMS: Electronic Health Records (EHR) Incentive Programs

Health Care Authority: Health Information Technology

Washington & Idaho Regional Extension Centers (Qualis Health)

Certification Commission on Healthcare Technology (CCHIT)

HIT electronic toolkit - patient-centered medical home

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)

HIPAA security risk assessment tool

AMA HIPAA Compliance

Identity theft

Identity theft: Response checklist for consumers (AHIMA)

Washington State Attorney General's Office

Washington Chapter 70.02 RCW: Medical records - Health care information access and disclosure

Interpreters services, limited English proficiency (LEP), hearing impaired

Medicaid Interpreters Services

Department of Health & Human Services Office for Civil Rights

Northwest Translators and Interpreters Society (NOTIS)


Medical and Recreational Marijuana

Pay for performance (P4P)

Bridges to Excellence

Provider Networks

Physician assistants

Physician assistants in Washington state: Physician practices and the care team model

Practice models

Patient-centered medical home

Prior authorization

Prior Authorization (WSMA webpage)

Rural health

CMS Rural Health Clinic fact sheet

Rural Health Clinics Association of Washington (RHCAW)

Eastern Washington Area Health Education Center (EWAHEC)

Western Washington Area Health Education Center (WWAHEC)

Washington Rural Health Association

Social Media/Internet

Social Media and Internet


Washington Vaccine Association (WVA)

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