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Influenza – For Physicians

Influenza – For Physicians

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During the 2020-21 influenza season, with the state still working to slow the spread of the novel respiratory virus SARS-CoV-2, it’s more important than ever for Washingtonians to get their flu shot.

On this page, find resources and information to help you and your practice or organization respond to flu during the pandemic.

Be Safe. Be Smart. Get Your Flu Shot. campaign

Facing a “twindemic” of flu and COVID-19, the WSMA has launched its Be Safe. Be Smart. Get Your Flu Shot. patient awareness campaign. The campaign initially focused on early vaccination, with several op-eds and news stories published featuring WSMA members, and a partnership with the Washington State Department of Health to offer patient materials (in English and Spanish).

The WSMA has now introduced dedicated campaign webpages at Our patient page features a vaccine finder to help patients find vaccines near them and messaging emphasizing the importance of getting vaccinated during the pandemic. Our professional page will features up-to-date flu vaccine information from the Department of Health, as well as professional and patient resources for physician practices.

Media and public service announcements

In the weeks ahead, together with more targeted media outreach statewide, the WSMA will produce a series of 30-second public service announcements featuring WSMA members speaking directly to their patients, leveraging the trust patients have in their family doctors. We’ll post these PSAs throughout our digital channels, as well as distribute to our partners.

Keep track of updates on our efforts at And help “boost our signal” by following us on social media and amplifying our flu messaging. Find the WSMA on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

CDC flu vaccination recommendations for 2020-21 season

The CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices 2020-2021 Influenza Vaccination Recommendations and Clinical Guidance during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Watch: A CDC presentation on the new flu vaccination recommendations and clinical guidance.

Also, don’t miss the CDC Pink Book Series - This a series of weekly one-hour web-on-demand videos provides general best practices, immunization strategies, and more.

AMA: New CPT codes for multi-virus tests detect COVID-19 and flu

The American Medical Association published an update to the CPT® code set that includes new code additions and editorial revisions for reporting medical services sparked by the public health response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Visit the AMA website for details.

DOH flu toolkit for your practice

The Washington State Department of Health received federal funding through the CARES Act to enhance the state's annual seasonal flu prevention efforts. With these funds, the Department of Health launched the Think of It as Essential campaign in mid-September to promote the importance of making the choice to get a flu vaccine this year. As a supplement to the statewide campaign, the DOH offers a partner toolkit, developed with input from the WSMA, which includes patient education materials in both English and Spanish, targeting older adults (65 and older), people at higher risk for flu complications, school/parents, health care workers. Review the DOH partner toolkit.

Flu resources

Adult flu vaccine doses available

Through the aid of a CDC grant, the Washington State Department of Health will have additional adult doses for un- and under-insured individuals available later this fall. These adult doses will be distributed to physicians and providers participating in the state's adult vaccine program. To enroll, complete the provider agreement form located in Appendix A of the Adult Vaccine Program User Manual. Email for details.

Washington State Childhood Vaccine Program updates

Make sure your practice or organization is receiving important updates to the Washington State Department of Health's vaccine ordering and delivery system. To subscribe or if you have questions, email the Vaccine Management team at or call at 360.236.2VAX.

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