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Resources for Medical Professionals
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Extending a helping hand to those serving in the caring professions.

Resources for Medical Professionals

Advocating for increased availability of context-appropriate accommodations and providing educational resources are key aspects toward achieving accessibility for all.

AAMC Report on Accessibility, Inclusion and Action

In 2018, the Association of American Medical Colleges published a comprehensive report titled “Accessibility, Inclusion, and Action in Medical Education: Lived Experiences of Learners and Physicians With Disabilities.” Noting that supporting all qualified learners, regardless of disability, throughout the medical education continuum is an essential goal, the publication weaves together major themes from interviews conducted with 47 students, residents, and physicians with disabilities.

Americans with Disabilities Act and Health Care Access

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) passed in 1990, providing a legal framework for people with disabilities to challenge discriminatory practices in work settings, state and local government, and places of public use. Find out more about health care access and the ADA.

Physicians with Disabilities

Physicians with Disabilities is a group within the Society for Healthcare Professionals with Disabilities. This group was developed to provide free resources and support for members. Its mission is to foster an online supportive community and to freely provide disability-related resources and tools that are relevant for healthcare professionals, students, family members, and friends.

The New Wave of Healthcare

Designed to help people wade through complexities in the U.S healthcare system, The New Wave of Healthcare is a podcast that explores the complexities of our healthcare system, how it got this way, where it’s going, and most importantly, how it affects you and your loved ones. In episode 7, the Washington Patient Safety Coalition addresses quality health for people with disabilities.

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