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Personal protective equipment (PPE) is crucial for protecting front-line health care workers from infection and allowing progress under our state's Safe Start reopening plan for all of health care. The WSMA joins state leaders in urging action by our federal government to relieve the shortage of personal protective equipment in Washington state. We continue to pull every lever at our disposal to help get necessary supplies to clinics and practices throughout the state in need.

WSMA Partners with WSHA to Offer Masks

Many physician practices still face barriers to accessing PPE. The WSMA is partnering with the Washington State Hospital Association, and its subsidiary Washington Hospital Services, to supply procedural masks to medical groups and physician practices throughout the state. WSHA has been importing and distributing masks to its member hospitals since April and has a secure relationship with a supplier who is able to offer them bulk pricing. They have agreed to expand the distribution network to include all health care organizations, which will now be able to purchase the masks in small quantities but at the price point of a high-volume order. If you have questions about ordering masks, please contact

FDA-approved disposable ASTM Level 1 simple procedural masks, non-sterile

These procedural masks are $0.70 per unit, including delivery. The minimum order quantity is 2,000 masks. Product details are available via the order form at the link below (or you can click here to download a pdf with product details and specifications). Payment is not due at the time you place your order but will be collected before your order is shipped. Orders will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Submit your order by 9 a.m. each Monday to be included in that week's distribution. The order link will remain live until the supply is depleted.

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Other Resources

Face masks

Visit the DOH Cloth Face Coverings webpage and the state's Coronavirus Response website for further guidance and to check for updates on the above guidelines and requirements.

Allocation and conservation of PPE

  • Tracking and distribution of PPE in Washington state - The Washington State Coronavirus Response website provides information on the state's efforst to obtain and distribute PPE.
  • Prioritization guidelines for allocation of PPE (April 29, 2020) - The Washington State Department of Health provides guidance for state and local emergency management agencies on how to prioritize the fulfillment of PPE requests to meet the needs of the response to COVID-19.
  • Conservation of PPE (June 8, 2020) - The Washington State Department of Health recommends that health care facilities and EMS implement the these engineering and administrative measures to the greatest extent possible to conserve PPE.

Visit the Washington State Department of Health's Health Care Provider Resources and Recommendations page (under Personal Protective Equipment) for further guidance on PPE and to check for updates on the above guidelines and recommendations.

Other PPE information and resources

Infection control guidance

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