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COVID-19 Discussion Forum

COVID-19 Discussion Forum

The WSMA offers this private discussion forum for physicians and PAs in Washington state, regardless of membership status. If you’re not a WSMA member, please consider joining us—your membership strengthens our community and greatly aids our efforts on your behalf.

About the COVID-19 Forum

To participate in forum discussions, you must have a WSMA account and be logged in. Any physician or PA licensed in Washington state can create an account, for free, to access the forum—you don’t have to be a WSMA member.

The forum is divided into four topic areas:

  • Testing & Treatment
  • Telemedicine
  • Caring for the Caregiver
  • General

Click on a thread below to see what's being discussed and add to the discussion. You can share links and attachments in your posts. We encourage the open sharing of information and ideas during this time of crisis.

For a list of available resources, please visit the WSMA's COVID-19 Response webpages, which are updated regularly.

Forum Rules

When you post a topic or a reply, your name will appear with your post or reply. If you are speaking on behalf of an organization, please include that information in your post/reply.

This forum is restricted to physicians and PAs in Washington state, as well as senior WSMA staff. The forum is intended as a secure platform for open discussion.

Please maintain confidentiality. Do not take screenshots of discussions here and/or share discussions elsewhere. This forum is not HIPAA compliant; do not share PHI.

The WSMA encourages lively debate, but please behave courteously and responsibly. Comments that include profanity; personal attacks; or inappropriate, offensive, or illegal material will be deleted, and the author may be removed from the forum.

The views and opinions expressed in this forum are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Washington State Medical Association.

By using the WSMA's websites and discussion forums, you agree to comply and be bound by the terms of use and related policies, which you find on our Privacy and Policies page.


  • 1 - Testing & Treatment Forum
    Topics include: testing, clinical guidance, PPE

  • 2 - Telemedicine Forum
    Topics include: setting up and using telemedicine, coding and reimbursement

  • 3 - Caring for the Caregiver Forum
    Topics include: mental health, childcare, staffing schedules

  • 4 - General COVID-19 Forum
    Check above to see if there is already focused discussion on your topic of interest. Use this general forum for all other topics.

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