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Honoring Choices® Pacific Northwest
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It's a good time to have the conversation—while you are still able—on how you want to live near the end of your life so your wishes can be honored when the time comes.

Honoring Choices® Pacific Northwest is your resource to start the conversation and make a personal plan for your end-of-life care. Do it for the ones you love. Do it for yourself.

A joint initiative of the WSMA and the Washington State Hospital Association, Honoring Choices Pacific Northwest is inspiring adults of all ages to create their personal end-of-life care plans, with tools they need to get started and guidance for sharing those plans with their loved ones and health care teams.

Visit the Honoring Choices Pacific Northwest website to get started—it's never too soon to have the conversation.

Know Your Choices, Ask Your Doctor logo

Honoring Choices Pacific Northwest is part of WSMA's award-winning Know Your Choices, Ask Your Doctor initiative, which focuses on the importance of conversations between physicians and their patients and giving physicians the tools to help patients make informed health care decisions. Learn more about about Know Your Choices, Ask Your Doctor.

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