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Reducing documentation time to give you more time to care for patients.


Helping You Save Time and Re-focus on Your Patients

Save two hours per day and generate 20% more revenue.

iScribe is a mobile app that fully integrates with your existing EHR platform to streamline medical documentation and restore an authentic physician-patient relationship. It is affordable, effective, and simple to install. We can help you reduce the time spent on documentation and give time back to caring for patients.

Five reasons to use iScribe:

  1. Providers use technology they are already comfortable with.
  2. You don’t have to switch your current EHR platform…and you can reduce the friction if switching.
  3. One solution for all your providers mobile and voice technology needs.
  4. Efficiency and productivity with a better experience.
  5. You can be up and running very quickly.

Your workflow options include:

iScribe Mobile: Our iOS app mobilizes your existing EHR. Document with speech-to-text, chart pull forward, and templates to immediately transfer the data into your EHR system, from anywhere! In addition, you can input orders, diagnoses, and complete encounter billing all from a single device.

Virtual Scribe: Simply record the entire patient encounter using your preferred iOS device. Our virtual scribes will create the note in full and insert any required templates. The provider has the final review and sign off.

Transcription: Fully integrated transcription services with improved turnaround times. Upon note completion, the data is automatically returned into specific sections of the note (HPI, PE, assessment, plan, etc.).

Telemedicine: Utilize your iScribeHealth app to track and launch your virtual appointments from one device. Telehealth visits and completing clinical documentation has never been easier!

As a WSMA member you get preferred pricing on services and implementation with iScribeHealth.

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