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Leading in practice growth technology to improve every digital touchpoint along the patient journey.


Trying to grow your practice? Check out WSMA’s partner: PatientPop

PatientPop is the leader in practice growth technology with the only all-in-one platform that empowers healthcare providers to improve every digital touchpoint of the patient journey. PatientPop makes it easier for doctors to run a thriving healthcare practice.

With a commitment to continuous innovation, PatientPop helps practices attract more patients, manage their online reputation, modernize the patient experience, automate their front office, and integrate with the most widely used EMRs for a holistic approach to practice growth.

With the PatientPop platform, practices are equipped with a platform that drives business growth, promotes a convenient, accessible patient experience, and facilitates an easier, streamlined front-office workflow.

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PatientPop offers:

  • Website development and optimization
  • SEO strategy and implementation
  • Appointment scheduling optimization
  • Online reputation management
  • Patient appointment reminders via text message and email
  • Patient email marketing campaigns
  • Online registration and intake
  • Telehealth
  • 2-way text messaging with patients
  • Digital fax
  • Customizable staff notifications
  • All tasks and performance metrics in a single location

As a WSMA member, you are entitled to a one-time discount of $1,000 from the first month’s set-up costs!

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