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Mapping Your Path to Value-Based Care

Join us for a free webinar presentation by Attune Healthcare Partners to learn how physician practices that are independent or part of a health system or accountable care organization can succeed financially with a mix of payment models.

A mix of traditional and value-based payment complicates day-to-day operations. Some processes and services that lead to success under traditional fee-for-service payment arrangements can actually contribute to failure under value-based incentives.

During this 60-minute webinar, representatives from Attune Healthcare Partners will explain how practices can optimize earnings and simplify daily operations with a mix of traditional and value-based payment methods.

The WSMA has negotiated a substantial discount to Attune’s customary fee schedule for practices that include WSMA members.


  1. Attune Healthcare Partners’ Value-based Resources through WSMA
  2. The Problem with Payment Change
  3. The Solution: A Customized Map to VB Care
  4. How the Process Works
  5. Advantages & Results
  6. To Learn More

Presenter: Attune Healthcare Partners are Washington consultants who are experts in practice success under value-based payment.

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