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WSMA Annual Meeting

The 2020 WSMA Annual Meeting will take place online on Saturday, Sept. 26 and Sunday, Sept. 27. 


Report of Reference Committee B

Report of Reference Committee C

Here’s how it will work

Both the Saturday and Sunday portions of the meeting will use two platforms – Zoom, to manage the audio/video components, and, to manage the business of the House of Delegates.

Here’s how to join the meeting

(Note: You will need to follow these exact steps in advance of the meeting. We advise that you prepare a day or more ahead of the meeting to give yourself time to learn how to navigate these platforms.)

  1. Pre-register online for the 2020 Annual Meeting of the WSMA House of Delegates here. You must take this step before proceeding further.
  2. After you pre-register for the meeting, watch your inbox for next steps. After a few hours, you will receive an email from HOD Help ( with instructions to activate your account on If you don’t see the email, check your junk or spam folders.
  3. Login to your account on and access the section InfoHub to locate links to training and the meetings, and other useful information.

Other information:

  • If you need help or cannot login to the meet.wsma platform, email (a phone number will be added during the meeting) or you can use the Help dropdown at (look in the upper right corner).
  • Zoom meeting links will be found on the Info Hub at
  • Phone audio will be disabled for meeting. You will need to use the Zoom app on computer/phone with speakers and mic (if you want to speak) enabled.
  • Two windows will be needed. Multiple monitors or multiple devices will work best – one for seeing, hearing, and speaking in Zoom; one for following the House of Delegate business at Another option is splitting your screen so both platforms show on one screen.

Need help?

Please contact the meeting help desk at, or call 844.980.1777.

AMA President Susan Bailey, MD, to Speak at Annual Meeting

AMA President Susan Bailey, MD

Joining us at this year's Annual Meeting of the WSMA House of Delegates is recently inaugurated American Medical Association President Susan Bailey, MD, who will speak at the opening session of the meeting on Sept. 26. Dr. Bailey will discuss the current activities of the AMA, including the health care environment from a national perspective, followed by a live Q&A session.

A Message from Your President

Bill Hirota, MD

Dear Colleagues,

The WSMA board of trustees has made the important decision to transition our usual annual in-person House of Delegates meeting to a virtual setting: virtual reference committee hearings will be held on Saturday, Sept. 26, followed by a virtual House of Delegates meeting on Sunday, Sept. 27. This decision was based on our overwhelming concern for the safety and well-being of our members, their patients, exhibitors, staff, and the families of all involved.

In the weeks preceding the meeting, we will open our virtual reference committee forums to give WSMA members an opportunity to review and provide feedback on the resolutions that will be considered by the House. Then, on Sept. 26, we will hold "live" virtual reference committee meetings via Zoom, an opportunity for members to provide verbal testimony to reference committee members. Then, on Sept. 27 via Zoom, the House will act on the reports of the reference committees, vote on the slate of candidates for the board of trustees, and conduct other business of the House.

Although we will miss the opportunity to see each other face to face in Spokane this fall, we look forward to delivering an efficient House of Delegates experience. Thank you for all that you do for the WSMA and, most importantly, for those we serve: our patients. You have my deepest appreciation. I look forward to seeing you virtually in September! Stay safe and be well.

Best regards,
Bill Hirota, MD
WSMA President

Speakers' Memo

Dear members of the WSMA House of Delegates,

We are looking forward to seeing all of you online for the upcoming WSMA Annual Meeting. Please read this memo carefully for important information about the meeting, including how to access the online platform which will include links to training sessions for meeting attendees and will eventually be your gateway to launch the House of Delegates meetings.

Be sure to register!

As noted previously, we will be using a combination of Zoom for audio/video and PC-Biz to manage the business of the meeting. It's imperative that all attendees register in advance in order to get set up in PC-Biz prior to the meeting. Once you've registered for the meeting, watch your in box for a message from HOD Help ( which will contain a link to validate your account. PC-Biz will be the hub for all meeting activities including delegate training and links to Zoom for each day's sessions.

Delegate Training

Plan to attend one of our PC-Biz delegate training sessions which will cover meeting basics such as making a motion, seeking recognition to speak, voting, etc. Trainings are scheduled for 7-8 am on Thursday, Sept. 17 or noon-1 pm on Friday, Sept. 18. If you aren't able to attend either training session, an on-demand recording of the training will be available after Sept. 18. In order to access the training, you must register to attend the meeting. Links to the training sessions will be available on the landing page of PC-Biz after you validate your account.


The Virtual Reference Committees (VRCs) are open and there are a total of 39 resolutions for House of Delegates action. The VRCs are open to WSMA members only and will close for commenting at 5:00 pm on Monday, Sept. 21. Compiled comments will be available on the website prior to the live online Reference Committee meetings which will be held on Saturday, Sept. 26.

Delegate Handbook

The Delegate Handbook is available here. For easy navigation of this large document, be sure to download it and view it in Acrobat Reader (not online) so the bookmarks and links are active.

Board of Trustees Elections

Per the WSMA Bylaws, officers and elected committee members will be voted on by the House of Delegates at the final meeting of the Annual Meeting. The Nominating Committee's report is included in the Delegate Handbook as Board of Trustees Report E (Reference Committee B). Members of the House of Delegates can view candidates' background materials online here. Candidates in contested races were invited to submit 2-minute videos which can be found by clicking the link to candidate materials for those races.

Additional Information

We will continue to provide meeting updates as the meeting approaches, but in the meantime make sure you get registered for the meeting so you receive all the information to get set up in PC-Biz and launch the training sessions and meetings.

If you need assistance with anything related to the meeting, please email


Matthew Grierson, MD, Speaker
Ray Hsiao, MD, Vice Speaker
WSMA House of Delegates

About the WSMA Annual Meeting

Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the WSMA will hold the 2020 Annual Meeting of the WSMA House of Delegates virtually. On Sept. 26, we will hold reference committee hearings via Zoom, and on Sept. 27, the House will meet via Zoom to conduct the business of the House. The operations of the reference committee hearings and House of Delegate meetings will still follow the general structure as outlined below.

The Annual Meeting of the WSMA House of Delegates (or the WSMA Annual Meeting) is the WSMA's premiere policy-making event, when the approximately 200 voting members of the WSMA House of Delegates gather to debate and determine policy for the association, elect officers and network with colleagues. All are welcome to attend the WSMA Annual Meeting and take advantage of the educational offerings, network and learn more about the association.

All legislative power of the WSMA—including the power to alter, amend or repeal the bylaws—is vested in the House of Delegates. All business of the House is conducted according to parliamentary procedures as outlined in “The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure.” The speaker of the House serves as parliamentarian. The speaker of the House is Matthew Grierson, MD, of Seattle. The vice speaker of the House is Ray Hsiao, MD, of Seattle.

Policymaking at the meeting is primarily driven by resolutions. A resolution is a proposal asking the WSMA to take a position or act on an issue. Learn more about resolutions and how they help create and guide WSMA policy.

How the House of Delegates operates

The House convenes its opening session on Saturday morning of the WSMA Annual Meeting. At this time, guests are invited to speak to the delegates and all reports and resolutions are referred to reference committees. This is followed by meetings of the reference committees on Saturday.

The House holds a second session on Sunday morning. The reference committees present their reports for consideration by the House on Sunday.

Learn more about the House of Delegates.

Learn more about delegate duties.

Reference committees

The in-person reference committees scheduled at the WSMA Annual Meeting are the key to the deliberations of the House of Delegates. Members of the House and individual members of the WSMA are invited and encouraged to attend these meetings to discuss and debate reports and resolutions due to be considered by the House for action.

Each reference committee is made of three members of the House appointed by the speaker and vice speaker.

The chair of the reference committee has the prerogative to permit non-members of the WSMA to present testimony. Committee meetings are open to the press.

When offering testimony before the reference committee, or on the floor of the House, please identify yourself and the society or organization which you represent. It is helpful, unless raising a point of order or asking a question, if you indicate you are speaking in favor of, or in opposition to, the resolution or report under discussion.

Remember, the reference committee is the most appropriate place for you to express your opinions and those of your constituents. Discussion on the floor of the House on Sunday is generally in response to the recommendations made by the reference committee and is not intended as a replay of more extensive testimony given at the committee hearings.

Most reference committees complete their business in two to three hours on Saturday. The committee reports are published under the direction of the speaker and vice speaker and are available on the WSMA website by Saturday evening and in hard copy by 7 a.m. on Sunday.

Virtual reference committees and general discussion forum

The WSMA offers password-protected virtual reference committees for those members who aren't able to attend the in-person reference committees, or who wish to review and discuss resolutions prior to the WSMA Annual Meeting. The WSMA also offers a general discussion forum, also available year-round, for members to develop their policy ideas or start a discussion on any general topic.

Delegate Handbook

Download the 2020 Delegate Handbook
Note: Delegate Handbook v3 was updated to contain the roster of delegates (pages 7-14) and Reference Committee members (page 17).

Please note: This is a large file and is best navigated by downloading it and saving it directly to your computer. Once you have downloaded and saved the file, it should open with bookmarks showing on the left side for easy navigation. If you don’t see the bookmarks, select View, Navigation Panels, and Bookmarks to show the links. Be sure to view it in Acrobat Reader in order for the bookmarks and links to be fully functional.

Download a list of resolutions containing fiscal notes

Disclaimer: Materials included in the Delegate Handbook are items to be considered by the House of Delegates. Action has not yet been taken on these items. Resolutions included in the handbook have been submitted by WSMA delegates/delegations, the WSMA board of trustees, and WSMA sections and are informational only. The statements and opinions expressed in resolutions are those of the authors and the WSMA makes no representations of any kind about the accuracy of information contained therein. Only those items that have been acted upon by the House can be considered official.


WSMA Annual Meeting
September 25-27, 2020
Via Zoom

Friday, Sept. 25

6 p.m.
Board of Trustees meeting

Saturday, Sept. 26

8:30–10:15 a.m.
House of Delegates

  • Welcome!
  • Message from outgoing WSMA President Dr. William Hirota
  • In memoriam
  • Welcome from HOD Speaker Dr. Matthew Grierson
  • Year in review
  • Inauguration of 2020-21 WSMA President Dr. Schlicher
  • Presentation from AMA President Dr. Sue Bailey
  • Presentation of Apple Awards and William O. Robertson, MD, Patient Safety Award
  • Late resolutions
  • Announcement of nominations
  • Overview of virtual reference committee process

10:15–10:30 a.m.

10:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.
Reference Committee B

12:30–1 p.m.
Lunch break

1–3 p.m.
Reference Committee C

Sunday, Sept. 27

7–8 a.m.
County society caucuses via Zoom

8 a.m.
House of Delegates

  • New president's speech
  • Reference Committee B
  • Reference Committee C
  • Elections

Virtual Reference Committees

The virtual reference committees closed for comment at 5 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 21. Comments left on the virtual committees have been compiled and are available at the links below:

Virtual Reference Committee Testimony

Reference Committee B
Reference Committee C

Disclaimer: Comments posted in the WSMA Virtual Reference Committees are the opinions of the authors and WSMA makes no representations of any kind about the accuracy of information contained therein. Only items that have been acted upon by the House of Delegates can be considered official.

BOT Elections

Board of Trustees Elections

Per the WSMA Bylaws, officers and elected committee members will be voted on by the House of Delegates on the final day of the Annual Meeting, Sunday, Sept. 27. The Nominating Committee's report and recommended slate of candidates is included in the Delegate Handbook as Board of Trustees Report E (Reference Committee B). Members of the House of Delegates can view candidates' background materials online here (you must be logged in to view this content which is available to members of the House of Delegates only). Candidates in contested races were invited to submit 2-minute videos which can be found by clicking the link to candidate materials for those races.

Corporate Partners

The WSMA wishes to thank the following corporate partners for their generous contributions. For more information on becoming a partner, review our corporate partners brochure or contact Jessica Martinson at 206.956.3628 or


Physicians Insurance
Founded in 1981 under the auspices of the WSMA, Physicians Insurance A Mutual Company is the Northwest's leading medical professional liability insurance company, physician-owned and exclusively endorsed to this day by the WSMA. For over 30 years, Physicians Insurance has remained the stable, committed and local insurer for physicians, clinics, facilities and hospitals, providing risk-management consulting, continuing medical education and claims administration services to more than 7,000 members in Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Wyoming.


Please note that the WSMA may have a photographer and/or videographer on-site at this event to gather imagery for use by the WSMA in its communications materials and channels, as well as for media outreach. These images will be the property of the WSMA, and the WSMA will not sell or otherwise market event imagery. If you have any questions regarding imagery taken at a WSMA event, please contact Milana McLead at 206.441.9762 or

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