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Building a More Inclusive WSMA

Building a More Inclusive WSMA

Proposed governance changes build on the best of the past to meet the needs of the future.

The tradition of our House of Delegates remains strong, yet reinvigorating the structure is central to the future if we are to reflect engagement and diverse, informed perspectives.

We know that effectively addressing inequities in health care, the WSMA needs all voices at the table. These proposed changes forge a path for diversity, equity and inclusion, build on the best of our traditions, achieve a greater sense of community, ensure a diverse Board and House, and yield a sustainable, relevant association.

Committee Roles and Responsibilities

Committee Roles and Responsibilities graphic


Board of Trustees Structure

Why change the size of the WSMA Board of Trustees? Reducing the size of the board is needed to improve its ability to be responsive, relevant and nimble in keeping up with a rapidly changing health care environment.

Board of Trustees structure table

*Trustees-at-large on the Board of Trustees should not be confused with delegates-at-large to the House of Delegates. At-large Board trustees and at-large delegates are separate positions.

Outline of Changes

Board of Trustees structure table


Proposed resolution sponsorship

Why does this change matter? To help ensure that proposed policy is both meaningful and actionable.

Proposed resolution sponsorship graphic


Proposed notification change

Why does this change matter? This allows time for resolutions received on or near the 30-day resolution deadline to be processed and submitted to members of the House of Delegates.

Proposed notification change graphic


To learn more or to share your thoughts, visit the virtual reference committee discussion forum at

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