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Practice Operations Webinars

Practice Operations Webinars

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The WSMA has partnered with V2V Management Solutions to help our members identify core challenges and implement solutions that improve the functionality of their medical practice, regardless of structure, ownership, or affiliation. Four webinars are now available exclusively to WSMA members at no cost, each session designed to help you reimagine the business of care delivery across your organization. A preview of each webinar is available below. You'll be prompted to sign in to the website to view the webinar.

V2V ("Vision to Value") Management Solutions brings together trusted advisors from the hospital and medical practice arena with the sole focus of creating transformational, value-driven change in health care. Learn more about V2V.

ADEPT Advantage(SM): Creating a Value Management Model

Value is about so much more than just the financial outcome or the clinical outcome, it's about the whole organization - being as adept at the business of care as you are being a physician. Regardless of your organizational structure, five value systems - Application, Distinction, Effectiveness/Efficiencies, Profitability, Talent - exist in all of them. This webinar explores what it means to have an ADEPT advantage in your organization.

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Creating Bandwidth: Did You Ever Think to Stop?

Did you ever think to stop? We live in a very complex industry, and frequently, we make it complicated. The concept behind "Did you ever think to stop?" is to look at the work you are doing on a regular basis and whether or not there are things you are doing that are making your world more complicated.

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Finding Operational Wastes Through DOWNTIME

The activities we do every day have a very specific cost associated with them. There are many things you can do to look at your practice's operations and the acronym DOWNTIME: Defects, Overproduction, Waiting, Non-Utilized Talent, Transportation, Inventory, Motion, Extra Processing. We want to challenge you, in your practice, to give you a little bit more margin on the cost side and some savings, hopefully, to help you improve your financial bottom line.

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Managing by the Metrics: Using Your Data Advantage to Tackle Transformation

Data is everywhere. We want to help bring these disparate pieces together for you and help you make some sense about focusing on the right places at the right time. It's all about how you use your data advantage when you're tackling transformation in the organization. The best way to be successful, is by using your data to tell the story and making evidence-based decisions.

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