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Campaigns are more important than ever—and so is your support for WAMPAC.


WAMPAC (Washington Medical Political Action Committee) is a nonpartisan political action committee established by the WSMA to support and elect pro-medicine candidates in Olympia and across Washington state.

The WSMA works on the federal level with AMPAC, the AMA's political action committee. AMPAC supports medicine-friendly candidates across the country who are seeking election to the U.S. Congress.

Campaigns are more important than ever—and so is your support for WAMPAC


Recent events have shown that politics are more important than ever to physicians and the patients they serve. It’s crucial for the WSMA to be effective and influential on political campaigns—because as we all know, it’s easier to help elect someone who agrees with you than it is to change the mind of a politician who doesn’t.

With your support during the last few election cycles, WAMPAC was more successful than ever. More than 100 physicians joined the WAMPAC Diamond Club, raising over $50,000 for WAMPAC. And more than 97 percent of the candidates supported by WAMPAC won their campaign for office.

Each of those successful races represents a relationship WAMPAC built with a lawmaker who sets policies that directly impact your profession and practice. And those relationships translated into important wins in Olympia for the house of medicine, including (among many others):

  • Preventing a tax increase on physician practices.
  • Expanding access to telemedicine.
  • Increasing medical residencies.

Campaigns aren’t just more important than ever—they’re also more expensive. And while WAMPAC has grown, we continue to trail the campaign spending of dentists, nurses and trial attorneys. For WAMPAC to remain relevant, we need your support.

You can help by joining WAMPAC’s Diamond Club

By becoming a WAMPAC Diamond Club member, you not only will help the WSMA remain a powerful voice in Olympia, but you will also receive recognition, special election updates and opportunities to connect with elected officials. Your contribution will allow our PAC to build a strong base for steady contributions to candidates who support WSMA’s agenda.

There are three membership levels — Bronze/$250; Silver/$500; and Gold/$1,000. All memberships run on two-year terms to coincide with election cycles. For questions, contact Sean Graham, WSMA’s associate director of policy and political affairs, at 360.259.4184 or

Join the Diamond Club

Who is WAMPAC?

Learn more about the membership and leadership of WSMA's political action committee.

WAMPAC comprises physician and physician assistant members of the WSMA. WSMA membership dues includes $25 for WAMPAC (members who do not wish to contribute to WAMPAC can allocate their $25 to the WSMA Foundation for Health Care Improvement or to the WSMA).

WAMPAC Board of Trustees:

Nariman Heshmati, MD - Chair
Nicholas Rajacich, MD - Vice Chair
Fernando Proano, MD - Past Chair
Elizabeth Peterson, MD - Secretary-treasurer
Nicholas Hasle - Assistant Secretary-treasurer
Viral Shah, MD
Mitch Garrison, MD
Claire Murphy, MD
Dino Ramzi, MD

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