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Campaigns are more important than ever—and so is your support for WAMPAC.


WAMPAC (Washington Medical Political Action Committee) is the nonpartisan political campaign arm of the WSMA, established to help identify and support candidates for political office whose priorities align with the house of medicine. In recent years, more than 95 percent of the candidates we’ve supported have won their campaigns, and the relationships we built on the campaign trail have helped translate to the kind of policy victories that make a difference for physicians and patients.

The WSMA works on the federal level with AMPAC, the AMA's political action committee. AMPAC supports medicine-friendly candidates across the country who are seeking election to the U.S. Congress.


Campaigns are more important than ever—and so is your support for WAMPAC

Recent events have shown that politics are more important than ever to physicians and the patients they serve. It’s crucial for the WSMA to be effective and influential on political campaigns—because as we all know, it’s easier to help elect someone who agrees with you than it is to change the mind of a politician who doesn’t.

You can help by joining WAMPAC’s Diamond Club

The WSMA reintroduced the WAMPAC Diamond Club in 2015 to give physicians an opportunity to increase their investment—and their participation—in our campaign activities, with members receiving recognition, special election updates and exclusive opportunities to connect with elected officials. The response to the Diamond Club has been overwhelming: To date, we’ve received well over 200 contributions, raising nearly $100,000 for WAMPAC.

If politics and policy are important to you, please consider joining your physician colleagues as a member of the WAMPAC Diamond Club. If you have questions about the Diamond Club or your membership status, contact Sean Graham at

Join the Diamond Club

The WAMPAC Vote Tracker

Want to know how your state legislators supported the house of medicine before you decide whether to support them? WAMPAC can help.

One of the many ways WAMPAC brings value to WSMA members is providing details on your legislators' track record on issues important to you and your patients. Each year, WAMPAC publishes a vote tracker showing how legislators voted on WSMA’s priority bills. With 2018's primaries and midterm elections around the corner, download and review the 2018 WAMPAC Vote Tracker below to learn where lawmakers stand on health care policy (the tracker was included in the 2018 WMSA Legislative Report, and begins on page 16).

2018 WAMPAC Vote Tracker

Who is WAMPAC?

WAMPAC comprises physician and physician assistant members of the WSMA. WSMA membership dues includes $25 for WAMPAC (members who do not wish to contribute to WAMPAC can allocate their $25 to the WSMA Foundation for Health Care Improvement or to the WSMA).

WAMPAC Board of Trustees:

Nicholas Rajacich, MD - Chair
Elizabeth Peterson, MD - Vice Chair
Nariman Heshmati, MD - Past Chair
Katina Rue, DO - Secretary-Ttreasurer
Annie Iriye MD - Assistant Secretary-Treasurer
Dino Ramzi, MD
Anthony Quang, MD, JD
Loren Ihle, MD

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