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"The foundation makes it easier for me to get engaged and make improvements to my practice." - Jae Sim, MD, Edmonds Family Medicine

WSMA Foundation

The WSMA Foundation for Health Care Improvement is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. At the Foundation, we are living out a vision to make Washington the best place to receive care and to practice medicine.

Improving Physician Wellness and Patient Care

At the WSMA Foundation, we believe in a future where physicians are healthy and fulfilled; where physicians, the health care team, and patients are partners; and where all Washingtonians experience quality care that aligns with their needs, goals, and values.

Fulfilling that quest depends upon transformational change at all levels—individual, organizational, and statewide. We believe that change is possible, and that physicians and patients can thrive in health care settings that support them.

The Foundation exists today because of the vision of forward-thinking doctors who cared about—and invested in—the future of the profession more than 50 years ago.

With your participation and support, the WSMA Foundation ensures that legacy will continue to benefit physicians today… and tomorrow.

A Matter of Numbers

Sometimes it probably feels like your days are consumed by numbers—patient data, insurance information, quality metrics, RVUs, and more—which contributes to the higher-than-average burnout rates among physicians and advanced practitioners in Washington. This video outlines the WSMA Foundation's work to address burnout and bring back the joy in your profession.

About the Foundation

WSMA Foundation logo

Our vision

We believe in a future where physicians are healthy and fulfilled, where physicians and their patients are partners, and where all Washingtonians experience quality care that aligns with their needs, goals, and values.

Our mission

To create transformational health care change at all levels—individual, organizational, and statewide.

Our values

As a health care improvement foundation, we value:

  • Well-being: We promote the well-being of physicians so that we can fulfill our high calling of caring for our patients.
  • Service: We serve our patients, communities, and each other with compassion in the pursuit of wellness for all Washingtonians.
  • Teamwork: We uphold the patient/physician partnership, creating health care settings where conversations are mutual and care decisions are shared.
  • Collaboration: We align with like-minded stakeholders to generate high-impact results that improve care in Washington state.
  • Legacy: We build upon the vision of forward-thinking physician leaders to ensure a thriving medical profession and a healthy population.

Our goals

  • Strengthen physician wellness and restore the joy of practice.
  • Enhance the patient/physician partnership.
  • Advance quality care and patient safety.


Your tax-deductible donations are an investment in yourself, your peers, and your profession. Thank you!

Healthy Doctors, Healthier Patients

Healthy Doctors, Healthier Patients logo

Ours is a caring profession—it only makes sense to care for ourselves in order to ensure we are well enough to care for others.

We know that the external pressures heaped upon physicians by government, insurance companies, and regulatory entities steal time from patient care. We know that you're often told you are burned out ("it's your responsibility to fix it"), rather than leaders and systems acknowledging that they are overwhelming medical staff and employees ("it's our responsibility to fix it together").

And tragically, we know that more Washington physicians and advanced practitioners experience burnout than the national average.

We know that because of the results of our statewide 2018 Stanford Wellness Survey. This survey examined the culture of wellness, efficiency of practice, and personal resilience related to professional fulfillment. These results guide the development of a plan to identify and implement organization-level interventions that reduce burnout and improve wellness.

To that end, the WSMA Foundation is now moving beyond the burnout statistics, drivers, and implications, and is researching effective interventions to reduce burnout. This work—in partnership with the American Medical Association, The Physicians Foundation, C-suite executives, and wellness champions who can affect change—is now under way.

It's time to act. Our patients trust us to provide the best care that's right for them. Their lives—and ours—depend on it.

Honoring Choices Pacific Northwest

Honoring Choices Pacific Northwest logo

Honoring Choices Pacific Northwest, jointly sponsored by WSMA Foundation and WSHA, is an initiative to inspire conversations about the care people want at the end of life. The vision is that everyone will receive care that honors personal values and goals at the end of life.

This comprehensive enterprise uses a variety of approaches, including an advance care planning program, community engagement, physician and advanced practitioner education, advocacy, and development of a central repository. It also works at multiple levels to help the public make informed choices about end-of-life care and to train health care and community organizations on how to discuss, record, and honor people’s end-of-life choices.

When individuals talk about advance care planning, write it down, and share it around, they are much more likely to have their preferences followed.

Generous contributions from hospitals, health systems, medical groups, insurance companies, foundations, and individuals ensure everyone in our service area who want to participate can. More information can be found at, as well as Facebook (@HonoringChoicesPNW) and Twitter (@HCPNW).

Washington Serious Illness Care Coalition

Washington Serious Illness Care Coalition logo

The WSMA Foundation also supports the Washington Serious Illness Care Coalition and the POLST Task Force, which is a broad-based group of individuals and organizations from across the state dedicated to helping patients, clinicians, and caregivers improve the way we discuss, prepare for, and treat serious illness.

Choosing Wisely

Choosing Wisely logo

Physicians play a critical role in initiating conversations about appropriate care with patients and other clinicians. The Choosing Wisely ® effort helps them focus on doing the right thing for patients and avoiding unnecessary care that could harm them.

A national initiative of the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation, Choosing Wisely enlisted over 70 medical specialty societies to identify overused tests and treatments. Their recommendations highlighted more than 400 medical tests, treatments, and procedures that clinicians and patients should discuss.

The WSMA Foundation raises awareness and equips physicians with tools to provide appropriate care in our state. The following key resources were created to help facilitate productive discussions between physicians and patients in choosing appropriate care:

  • Action Manual—step-by-step guide to reduce low-value care.
  • Data Reports—statewide reporting on overuse.
  • Clinical Tool Kit—guide to engaging patients in conversations about tests, treatments and procedures.

Medical Officer Collaborative

WSHA-WSMA-CMO joint logo

The Medical Officer Collaborative , jointly sponsored by WSMA and the Washington State Hospital Association, provides a forum for senior physician leaders from medical groups, hospitals, and health systems across the state to collaborate on quality, patient safety, and leadership.

Chief medical officers, vice presidents of medical affairs, and medical staff presidents are uniquely positioned to create meaningful change within their organizations. This forum provides a safe place to openly discuss the challenges physicians face and outline effective solutions to those challenges.

The Collaborative has identified Choosing Wisely; Healthy Doctors, Healthier Patients; and Honoring Choices PNW as key priorities. They meet three times a year to share experiences and strategies to improve practices in these priority areas and others.

Board and Staff

Board of directors

President – Dale Reisner, MD
Secretary-Treasurer – Bruce Smith, MD
Director – Carrie Horwitch, MD
Director – Sheila Kirkegaard
Director – Steve Schiebel, MD
Director – Brian Seppi, MD
Director – Mika Sinanan, MD
Director – Estell Williams, MD
Chief Executive Officer – Jennifer Hanscom


Director of Continuing Professional Development – Jessica Martinson
Director of Finance – Amy Fredericks

Contact information

WSMA Foundation for Health Care Improvement
2001 Sixth Avenue, Suite 2700
Seattle, WA 98121
Phone: 206.956.3628
Fax: 206.441.5863

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