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"The foundation makes it easier for me to get engaged and make improvements to my practice." - Jae Sim, MD, Edmonds Family Medicine

WSMA Foundation for Health Care Improvement

The WSMA Foundation for Health Care Improvement is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization formed to help improve the health and well-being of all Washingtonians. Learn more about foundation and its projects and how you can support this important work.

WSMA Foundation 50th Anniversary

The Foundation works with medical groups and physicians’ practices to:

  • Support information-based care.
  • Promote best practices.
  • Promote reductions in unsupportable variations in care.
  • Improve patient safety.
  • Educate physicians on how to meet these goals.

The Foundation's board of directors is elected by the WSMA Board of Trustees at the WSMA Annual Meeting in the fall.


About the Foundation

Our vision

Make Washington the best place to receive care and to practice medicine.

Our mission

Support and inspire physicians to create a healthier Washington.

Our values

  • The health and well-being of patients and communities.
  • Best-practices promoted through shared-decision making and effective communication skills.
  • Engaged and empowered physicians making a meaningful difference.

Strategic plan

The Foundation has three goals with underlying objectives.

  • Goal One: Engage patients in shared-decision making.
  • Goal Two: Reconnect physicians with the joy of practice and improve physician wellness.
    • Objective One: Align strategies with known causes of burnout.
    • Objective Two: Promote effective interventions to reduce burnout and improve wellness.
  • Goal Three: Collaborate with other quality improvement stakeholders to align efforts and generate results.


Board of directors

President - Jeffrey B. Collins, MD
Vice President -  Jae Sim, MD
Secretary-Treasurer - Dale Reisner, MD
Director - Megan Nelson
Director - Robbie Sherman, MD
Director - Donna Smith, MD
Director - John Vassall, MD
Public Member - Bruce Smith, MD

Executive officers and staff

Chief Executive Officer - Jennifer Hanscom
Director of Finance - Amy Fredericks
Director of Clinical Education & Professional Development - Jessica Martinson

Contact information

WSMA Foundation for Health Care Improvement
2001 Sixth Avenue, Suite 2700
Seattle, WA 98121
Phone: 800.552.0612 or 206.956.3628
Fax: 206.441.5863

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