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Foundation Donors

Foundation Donors

The WSMA Foundation for Health Care Improvement wishes to thank the following corporate partners and individual donors for their generous contributions.

Platinum Partners

Gold Partner


Silver Partners


Olympia Emergency Services

Individual Donors


Jeffrey B. Collins, MD
Jennifer L. Hanscom
William K. Hirota, MD
Annie I. Iriye, MD
Robert G. Lang, MD
W. Hugh Maloney, MD
Megan Nelson
Dale P. Reisner, MD
Brian J. Seppi, MD
Roberta R. Sherman, MD
Jae H. Sim, MD
Mika N. Sinanan, MD, PhD
Bruce C. Smith, MD


Kristi L. Bailey, MD
John S. Bramhall, MD, PhD
Christopher C. Bundy, MD, MPH
Clark W. Deem, MD
Christine O. Palermo, MD
Thomas P. Schaaf, MD, MHA
Steven E. Schiebel, MD, FAAP, CPE
Donna L. Smith, MD
Mark R. Vossler, MD


Linda R. Brown, MD
Cynthia L. Cilyo, MD
Dave R. Cundiff, MD, MPH
Nancy L. Fisher, MD, MPH
Deborah J. Harper, MD
Carrie A. Horwitch, MD
Nicholas Rajacich, MD
Katina R. Rue, DO
Nathan R. Schlicher, MD, JD, MBA
Rodney L. Trytko, MD, MBA, MPH
John H. Vassall II, MD, FACP


June G. Bredin, MD
Maureen A. Callaghan, MD
Linda M. Dale, PA-C
Gary M. Goldbaum, MD, MPH
Nariman Heshmati, MD, FACOG
Kevin M. Johnson, MD
Josh Kerns
Robert B. Kerr, MD
David W. Krueger, MD
Stanlee S. Lu, MD
Glenn A. Lux, MD, MBA
Shane E. Macaulay, MD
Robert J. Martin, MD
Milana McLead
Alan L. Melnick, MD, MPH
Abdullah Oz, MD, MPH, FHM
Khurram S. Rehman, MD
Robin W. Virgin, MD
Sarah K. Weinberg, MD


Martin C. Cahn, MD
Teresa M. Girolami, MD
Erin K. Harnish, MD
Dan L. Kent, MD
Jennifer M. Leahy, MD
Daniel H. Low, MD
Patricia M. Mayer, MD
Maria R. Reyes, MD
Melissa Sousley, MD
Hilary Walker

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