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About Us
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For over 125 years, the WSMA has worked on behalf of physicians and patients in Washington state.

About Us

For over 125 years, the WSMA has worked on behalf of physicians and patients in Washington state. Through the WSMA, physicians stand together regardless of specialty to ensure patients have access to quality care and to make our state the best place to practice medicine and to receive care.

In the About Us section you will find:

Who We Are

WSMA is the largest medical professional association in Washington, representing physicians, residents, medical students, and physician assistants from nearly all specialties and practice settings throughout the state. Who We Are


Understanding what the Washington State Medical Association is and what we do for physicians, patients, and the state of Washington. FAQs


Understanding the policies that define and guide the Washington State Medical Association. Policies

What’s Our Policy?

Learn more about the WSMA's positions on issues impacting patients and the practice of medicine. What’s Our Policy?


Only with dedicated physician volunteers can we continue to deliver leadership and advocacy that is patient focused and physician driven. Leadership

House of Delegates

All legislative power of the WSMA is vested in the approximately 200 voting members of the WSMA House of Delegates. House of Delegates

Board of Trustees

The WSMA board of trustees meets quarterly, and is responsible for carrying out the mandates and policies of the House of Delegates. Board of Trustees

Executive Committee

The WSMA Executive Committee meets monthly, and acts for the board of trustees in implementing WSMA programs and establishing interim policy. Executive Committee


Meet the hard-working, dedicated full-time staff of the Washington State Medical Association. Staff

WSMA Foundation

The WSMA Foundation for Health Care Improvement is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, living out a vision to make Washington the best place to receive care and to practice medicine. WSMA Foundation

Give to the Foundation

Make an investment in yourself, your peers, and your profession by donating to the WSMA Foundation. Give to the Foundation

Foundation Donors

Thanking the corporate partners and individual donors for their generous contributions to the WSMA Foundation for Health Care Improvement. Foundation Donors

Partner Organizations

The Washington State Medical Association is part of a constellation of local, state, and federal membership organizations that make up organized medicine and the friends of organized medicine. Partner Organizations

County Medical Societies

Representing physicians at the local level and promoting the health and well being of communities. County Medical Societies

State Specialty Societies

Providing specialty-specific educational resources and professional support. State Specialty Societies

Corporate Partners

A special thanks to our corporate partners for their generous contributions. Corporate Partners

Complete Association Management Services

A professional and affordable solution for your medical organization's management and administrative needs. Complete Association Management Services

Advertise with WSMA

Reach Washington state's physician community via the largest and most trusted medical association in the state. Advertise with WSMA

Corporate Partners Program

Become a corporate partner and demonstrate your company's commitment to the medical community. Corporate Partners Program

Contact Us

The WSMA has two offices, downtown Seattle and Olympia, and is open during business hours. Contact Us

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