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Meet the hard-working, dedicated full-time staff of the Washington State Medical Association.


Executive Staff

Jennifer Hanscom
Executive Director/CEO


Shannon Bozarth
Senior Director, Operations and Services

Abby Vincent
Meeting Coordinator/Front Office

Continuing Professional Development / WSMA Foundation for Health Care Improvement

Jessica Martinson
Director, Continuing Professional Development

Kendra Peterson
Associate Director, Education and Accreditation

Janet Carr
Associate Director, Complete CME

Monica Salgaonkar
Program Manager, Continuing Professional Development

Brendan Cox
CME Coordinator

Communications / Membership

Milana McLead
Senior Director, Strategic Communications and Growth
Editorial Director, WSMA Reports

Graham Short
Associate Director, Communications
Managing Editor, WSMA Reports

Alison Ippolito
Associate Director, Membership

Katie Howard
Social Media and Content Specialist
Assistant Editor, WSMA Reports

Justin Dale
Membership Coordinator/Data Analyst

Lauren Fielder
Membership Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator


Amy Fredericks
Director, Finance

Information Technology

Troy Brown
Director, Information Technology

Benjamin Wilson
Associate Director, Information Technology

Government Affairs & Policy

Sean Graham
Director, Government Affairs

Jeb Shepard
Director, Policy

Alex Wehinger
Associate Director, Legislative and Political Affairs

Billie Dickinson
Policy Analyst

Katerina LaMarche, JD
Policy Analyst

Shelby Wiedmann
Government Affairs and Policy Coordinator

Complete Association Management Services

Shannon Bozarth
Senior Director, Operations

Shelly Bonforti
Executive Director

  • Spokane County Medical Society

Kimberly Conn
Association Executive

  • Seattle Gynecological Society
  • Washington Academy of Eye Physicians and Surgeons

Linda Krause
Association Executive

  • Washington Academy of Physician Assistants
  • Washington State Neurological Society
  • Clark County Medical Society
  • Pacific Northwest Society of Pathologists
  • Snohomish County Medical Society

Delphi Locey
Association Executive

  • Benton-Franklin County Medical Society
  • North Pacific Pediatric Society
  • Northwest Academy of Otolaryngology
  • Washington State Dermatology Association

Cailey Nickerson
Association Executive

  • Alaska Chapter American College of Emergency Physicians
  • Washington Chapter American College of Emergency Physicians
  • Washington Society of Plastic Surgeons

Jena Rehm
Association Executive

  • Washington Rheumatology Alliance
  • Washington State Orthopaedic Association
  • Washington State Radiological Society

Curt Fischer
Web and Communications Coordinator

An Le

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