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"Only with dedicated physician volunteers can we continue to deliver leadership and advocacy that is patient focused and physician driven." - Shane Macaulay, MD, Past President


Crucial to the WSMA's success as our state's premier physician professional association is a demographically representative volunteer leadership. The WSMA works to identify, nurture and renew our leadership on a yearly basis. For more information about service as a WSMA officer, trustee or delegate, contact Shannon Bozarth, 206.441.9762 or

WSMA House of Delegates

All legislative power of the WSMA is vested in the approximately 200-member House of Delegates, which meets yearly.

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WSMA Board of Trustees

When the House of Delegates is not in session, the WSMA is governed by a board of trustees which meets quarterly.

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WSMA Executive Committee

The executive committee meets monthly, and acts for the board in implementing WSMA programs and establishing interim policy.

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