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House of Delegates

House of Delegates

All legislative power of the WSMA is vested in the approximately 200 voting members of the WSMA House of Delegates.

For the compendium of all policies passed by the House of Delegates, visit our What’s Our Policy? page.

Official Actions of the 2021 House of Delegates

For policies adopted at the 2021 WSMA Annual Meeting, download the Official Actions of the 2021 WSMA House of Delegates.

Update on 2021 HOD actions

Official Actions of the 2021 House of Delegates progress report (updated January 2022)

For previous years' reports, contact the WSMA Seattle office at or 206.441.9762.

About the House of Delegates

The WSMA House of Delegates is comprised of elected delegates from each county medical society and qualified state specialty societies, as well as members of the WSMA board of trustees. There is one resident delegate, one student delegate, and one young physician delegate. Each county society has one delegate for every 50 active WSMA members.

Each medical specialty society is entitled to elect or appoint one delegate and one alternate, provided that such specialty society has as members at least one hundred active members of the WSMA, or if the specialty society has fewer than 100 members, 50% of its members must belong to the WSMA.

How the House of Delegates Operates

The WSMA House of Delegates meets once a year, typically in September or October (learn more about the Annual Meeting of the WSMA House of Delegates). The House may also be called into special session at any time by the WSMA president on the written request of 15 members of the House.

All business of the House is conducted according to parliamentary procedures as outlined in "The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure."

WSMA Governance Outside of the Annual House of Delegates Meeting

When the House of Delegates is not in session, the WSMA is governed by the board of trustees. The board meets quarterly, and is responsible for carrying out the mandates and policies of the House. The board has all the powers of the House except amending the bylaws or establishing dues or assessments.

From the board of trustees, the WSMA president, president-elect, 1st vice president, 2nd vice president, immediate past president, and secretary-treasurer form the executive committee. The committee meets monthly, and acts for the board in implementing WSMA programs and establishing interim policy.

The WSMA president is the spokesman for the association. The executive director/CEO is the chief executive officer.

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