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"Your WSMA is the physician’s voice in Washington state that matters most." - Donna Smith, MD, Immediate WSMA Past President

Who We Are

More than 11,000 members strong, the Washington State Medical Association is the largest medical professional association in Washington, representing physicians, residents, medical students and physician assistants from nearly all specialties and practice settings throughout the state. The WSMA is the only professional organization that represents the interests and priorities of all physicians in the state.

The WSMA is part of a federation of county and state medical societies and the American Medical Association.

Our vision

To make Washington the best place to practice medicine and receive care.

Our mission

Provide strong physician leadership and advocacy to shape the future of medicine and advance quality care for all Washingtonians.

The WSMA value proposition for its members

  • Advocacy: Advancing key issues that impact physicians and patients in Washington state.
  • Leadership: Delivering practical training and leadership development opportunities.
  • Collaboration: Creating opportunities for statewide peer-to-peer networking and sharing of best practices and working with others to achieve our mission.

Strategic plan

In 2017, the leadership of the WSMA reviewed the current health care economic and medical practice environment, and the programs and priorities of the association. Out of this review, recommended organizational priorities for the coming three-year period were drafted. A strategic plan for 2018-20, based on these identified priorities, was approved by the WSMA board of trustees in the fall of 2017.

Review the WSMA 2018-20 Strategic Plan.

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